Arkham Knight reveals new Bat-villain

Last updated 17:36 28/03/2014

UNDER THE HOOD? A unique Arkham Knight villain has been created by Rocksteady and DC Comics specifically for the new Batman game.

SHAVED: Batman reconnects with long-time ally Commissioner James Gordon in Arkham Knight.

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A new series of screenshots has been released for Rocksteady's upcoming new-generation Batman game, Batman: Arkham Knight, showing Commissioner Gordon, the Batmobile, and - for the first time - the game's new villain.

The eponymous Arkham Knight character has been co-created by DC Comics and Rocksteady specifically for the game, and sports what appears to be a hi-tech version of the Batsuit worn by DC's much-loved superhero.

Little else is known about the new foe at this stage.

According to an IGN interview with Dax Ginn, Rocksteady's brand manager, the Scarecrow will also play a significant role in the game. 

Batman: Arkham Knight is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and is planned for release later this year.


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