Smart cup knows what's in your drink

Last updated 15:17 13/06/2014

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Health tracking and connected devices came back into the spotlight last week during WWDC when Apple announced its upcoming HomeKit and HealthKit platforms, which tackle health tracking and the internet of things, respectively.

A new startup is combining the two with Vessyl, a sensor-enabled cup that can perform a detailed analysis of what's inside.

Vessyl is equipped with an array of sensors that can analyse a cup's contents by volume, nutritional info and beverage type - down to the brand and flavour.

Pour a drink into the cup and lift it up, and the cup's exterior will display the name of the beverage and relevant nutritional info. Pour a glass of juice into Vessyl, for example, and the cup will show you the calorie count and sugar content of the drink. An accompanying mobile app can display your stats as well as contextual information, such as whether you are close to meeting your protein goal or your recommended caffeine intake.

The cup also tells you how hydrated you are at any given time.

Justin Lee, CEO and cofounder of Mark One, the company behind Vessyl, says the company is talking with manufacturers of popular fitness trackers, though no names were given. Integrating activity trackers into the platform would better inform a user's hydration level and make the technology smarter.

"Now that these activity trackers are commonplace, we are in this next phase of what we can track to really make an impact on our physical health," Lee said. "What we consume in our food and our beverages is as important if not more important than tracking the calories we're burning through exercise."

The company will be accepting preorders for two months during its crowdfunding period, and Mark One is hoping to raise US$50,000 to fund the first stages of production. The device costs US$99 during the preorder period but will eventually retail for US200.

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