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Last updated 05:00 28/06/2014
SNOW ANTICS: Anything from apps to the latest tech can change how you spend you day on the mountain – and relive the glory of your best runs back at the lodge.

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Gearing up for the snow season can be costly, but some gadgets will make life easier on the slopes or add an extra element of fun.

The best tech is that which seamlessly becomes part of your day on the mountain, providing laughs or insight. Some gadgets also add to the experience afterwards with data or video that allows you to review your day and hopefully help make you a better skier.

Here are five of the best to consider:


Dick Smith $59.22 This may appear to be a low-tech approach to communication in this day of smartphones, but a basic walkie-talkie has many advantages.

First they are cheap so if the kids lose them or they get smashed during snow antics it's not as painful as damaging a $1000 phone.

It also means no-one will spend too much as they are free to talk. The Uniden model (UH405SX-2NB) has a range of 3 kilometres and a battery life of 20 hours and is rugged enough to handle a tough day on the mountain.


Android ($1.49)

iPhone ($1.29) Ski Tracks app is a brilliant app for those who love keeping a close eye on their skiing stats.

It uses your phone's GPS alone to track where you've been, how fast you travelled, how many runs you've done and your altitude, and overlay it on a map of the area. It doesn't need a signal to work so you can use it in deepest, darkest back country as well as the groomed slopes close to the lodge.


$899 from Base NZ These goggles will give you Terminator vision when you hit the slopes. They feature heads-up display (HUD) technology that lets you see a range of information inside your goggles.

It provides your speed, location and other key information as well as synching with your phone so you can play music, check email and see incoming calls.

HD CAMERA SKI GOGGLES $399 This gadget takes a video camera and builds it into your goggles to provide a way to record your day on the snow.

Being part of your goggles means it offers point of view footage just as you see it. It records at 720p at 30 frames per second and its battery lasts up to two hours and can hold a 32GB memory card. It's a clever alternative to the Go Pro and there is no need to fix it on to your head or body.


Fishpond $142 Take your snowball fights to the next level with this nifty gadget. It works with a simple pull and release system and it claims to shoot a snowball up to 18 metres. It will certainly swing things your way in a snowball war so be prepared for a heavy offensive or payback at some stage.

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