Import your Destiny character to sequels

Last updated 16:04 22/07/2014

DESTINY: Bungie reveals plans for the future of its newest franchise, which include importing characters into later versions.

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Destiny doesn't come out until September 9, but Bungie is already talking about the possibility of sequels and wants players' characters to persist throughout the series.

Speaking with Digital Trends, Bungie Engineer Roger Wolfson said that character growth is an important part of the first-person shooter / role-playing game hybrid.

“Our goal for Destiny is that each time you play it, you’re going to have a different experience. Not just because of the social interaction, and the fact that you can play with different people, but because your character is growing and will have different ways of playing the same content every time you go back and replay it," said Wolfson.

“Let’s say Destiny 2 [and] Destiny 3 are out, and we have new players joining the fun,” Wolfson continued. “[They] want to play those new games alongside those who have been playing Destiny from the beginning. [We want to ensure] they won’t feel like they’re four years behind. And then, if they want to, they’ll be able to go back and pick up the old content on their same character.

“So we’ve done a lot of planning for how that’s going to work, to not make people feel like they have years worth of leveling up to do.”

Wolfson also explained the lack of cross-platform multiplayer in Destiny, saying it's about ensuring an equal playing field.

“Regardless of where the reality is, there’s definitely a perception among gamers that better hardware means you have an advantage. We don’t want to have to enter that fray, so to create the best, most level playing field, both actually and perceptually, we separated it by platform," he said.


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