Rise of the Tomb Raider heading to Xbox first

Last updated 10:38 14/08/2014

DIGGING UP TALENT: The writer and star of 2013's acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot return for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics have announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to Xbox platforms, but Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has since confirmed it is a timed exclusive.

"I have Tomb Raider shipping next holiday exclusively on Xbox. It is Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I'm not trying to fake anybody out in terms of where this thing is.

‘‘What they do with the franchise in the long run is not mine. I don't control it. So all I can talk about is the deal I have. I don't know where else Tomb Raider goes," Spencer told Eurogamer at Gamescom.

"Yes, the deal has a duration. I didn't buy it. I don't own the franchise."

Spencer was unable to say how long the exclusivity deal would be in effect for, due to it being a deal between Microsoft and the game's publisher, Square Enix. He also couldn't comment on Square Enix's plans for the game once the exclusivity expires.

"I don't own them building Tomb Raider on other platforms. I can't talk about the franchise that way. I can talk about the deal I have," he said.

- NZ Gamer

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