iPad signal uncovers robbery spree

08:09, Jun 20 2012

GPS signals from a stolen iPad led police to the two teenage boys who swiped it along with electronic goods they'd taken from 10 burglaries.

Waiheke Island police Sergeant Peter Knight said after discovering that an iPad had been stolen, they checked to see where the tablet computer was using GPS signals, and then executed search warrants at the property.

There they found a bounty of stolen goods.

"We got back the iPad, two laptops, a DVD recorder, some DVDs and other property," Knight said.

Two boys from Oneroa, aged 16 and 15, have been charged.

The 16-year-old faces 10 charges of burglary and one of theft, while the 15-year-old was charged with several offences.

Knight is encouraging the public to use modern technology, if they are able to.

"This case shows the benefits of being able to track stolen property.''


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