App of the week: Shoebox

17:00, Aug 29 2012

Do you have a bunch of old photos sitting around in shoeboxes or other equally random locations?

If so then take a look at the Shoebox app from 1000 Memories. It scans your photos - whether old sepia and black and whites or more modern colour photos.

Thanks to the high resolution cameras becoming common in current smartphones you don't need a traditional scanner to scan your photos.

At up to 8 megapixels many smartphone cameras will capture more detail than can be displayed on any high definition television or computer screen, without zooming.

Shoebox does a slick job of scanning photos and helping sort them.

To use the app you'll need a free 1000 memories login which the app helps you set up the first time you use it. Alternatively it will work with a Facebook account too.

Shoebox is currently available for iPhone and Android smartphone platforms.

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