New Internet Service Provider Flip launches

23:06, Sep 03 2012

A new internet service provider, called Flip, has launched in New Zealand.

The company offers an internet connection with 5GB of data free when customers rent a home phone line from Flip for $50/month.

"Flip believes Kiwis deserve fair pricing and no contracts," said Flip's head of marketing, Scott Hoogerbrug.

"We have all put up with paying far too much for far too long. By introducing free broadband with our homeline services, we are finally bringing New Zealand in to line with what people are paying overseas."

Customers can upgrade the amount of data by buying a data pack to add to their plans, and data will carry over into the next month if it goes unused.

Data packs cost $5 for 2GB, $10 for 10GB, and $15 for 20GB. Customers can buy additional data packs if 25GB is not enough data.


Customers can also pre-pay for their internet services online.

"We're taking an up-front and honest approach to our services. Pre-pay means there's no nasty surprises," Hoogerbrug said.

Flip is available in 60% of homes, and customers in main centres have a "very good chance" of having access to the service, particularly Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, Hoogerbrug said.

The company has plans to extend services to uncovered areas with high demand.

Those who are interested in signing up for Flip can check if their area has coverage on the company's website.

-PC World