Reagan comes to life as YouTube avatar

23:58, Sep 10 2012

This post was originally published on Mashable.

What would United States President Ronald Reagan have to say about this year's election if he were alive today? Seyyer, a company that bills itself as a "cognitive video realisation" service, thinks it has the answer.

Virtual Reagan is a 13-video series in which the late president opines about the campaign issues of the day in a creepily life-like fashion, "live from the other side."

"The real issues come down to tax reform, medicare revisions and health care for future generations," according to Virtual Reagan.

Virtual Reagan also has a Twitter account, @VirtualReagan, that tweets sparingly about politics and technology.

How did Seyyer create the videos? The company uses "facial micro-expressions, human gesture-recognitions technology and personalized speech modelling" to create "realistic, human video avatars," like Virtual Reagan.

It's no holo-Reagan, but it's close. 

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