Preview: Kobo Arc, Glo and Mini

17:00, Sep 12 2012
Kobo e-readers
SIBLING RIVALRY: The new Kobo tablet family.

"You're a tablet eReader!"

That's according to where I answered seven questions to see which of the Canadian company's new ebook readers best suits my needs.

"Our Kobo tablet eReaders were made for immersion in full-colour eBooks, rich social media, the web, email, and apps. They're wired for your busy life. Check out: Kobo Arc. Reads you like a book."

Interestingly the Kobo Arc, a seven-inch screen Android tablet, was the one I had already decided would suit my needs best when I received its specifications alongside two other models in my email.

The new device, detailed last week and yet to arrive on these stores, has a high definition display and is driven by a 1.5Ghz dual core central processor unit. It also has a 10-hour battery. It's a device that can learn from the ebooks, music and movies you consume and delivers more.

I'm looking forward to giving it a try.


It will sell for $249.99.

Kobo, which is of course an anagram of book, is one of two big players in the eBook and eReader market. The major difference between Kobo and Amazon's Kindle is the nearly three million titles in its bookstore can be read on any ebook reader whereas Amazon's ebooks can be read only on Kindle devices.

Kobo also announced a middle of the road device, the Kobo Glo ($199.99). It has a 1Ghz central processor unit, a six-inch display, which Kobo promises is fingerprint-resistant. Now this I have got to see. Fingerprints are the bane of all the devices I own from my notebook and netbook PCs to my smartphone and iPod touch. The one-month battery sounds amazing.

At the entry level is the Kobo Mini ($129.99) which Kobo boasts is the smallest, lightest, ultra thin eReader on the market.

Like the Glo, the Mini has a fingerprint-resistant screen but it is one inch smaller. Its processor is a 800Mhz model. Battery life is more than two weeks.

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