US election debates a hit for YouTube

02:36, Oct 24 2012
Mitt Romney and Barack Obama
VERSUS: Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and US President Barack Obama during the third presidential debate in in Boca Raton, Florida.

The presidential and vice presidential debates were a hit for the video sharing website YouTube, which streamed the events live for the first time this year.

YouTube officials say the three debates between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney and the single debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan had been viewed 24 million times, both live and in playback.

Viewers watched the debates stream live in 215 countries, besting the April 2011 royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which streamed live in 188 countries.

The first debate between Obama and Romney on October 3 was the most watched of the four on YouTube.

YouTube estimated that half the debate views had been in the US and half from other countries.

How did you watch the debates?