All Black's after-match sex romp

01:43, Jan 31 2009
BRAND IN THE NEWS: The All Blacks logo continues to be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

A photograph of a naked All Black has been offered for sale by a woman who claims to have had a threesome with the rugby star the night of a test match earlier this year.

Sunday News was approached by the Christchurch woman, who wanted $10,000 for the cellphone image of the All Black sprawled over a hotel room bed - an offer the newspaper rejected.

The professional woman, in her mid 30s, also showed the newspaper a photo of her and the player cheek-to-cheek after what she said was a seven-and-a-half-hour, three-in-a-bed sex romp.

The star is clearly identified in the pictures, but Sunday News chose not to name him to spare his family from embarrassment.

The woman said she met the prominent player after another woman advertised on an internet dating site, asking for a woman to join her for a threesome with an All Black.

"The other chick had been with him the night before and he'd asked her to jack up another girl," the woman, who did not want to be named, told Sunday News.


"She'd met him through the dating site too.

"I'd had a couple of bottles of wine at that stage and I didn't quite believe it. I got in touch with her and everything went from there."

The woman said she was picked up by the first woman in a taxi and taken to a hotel room about midnight, where they ordered bubbly and orange juice as they waited for the All Black to arrive after the test match.

"I was having a smoke in the room when he walked in. My heart was going at a rate of knots. I was thinking what the heck was I doing. I was starstruck," she said.

"I was wearing a G-string and skirt. He didn't say a word. He just had his way with me. There was no 'How's your Father'.

"It was pretty much non-stop from there. All up about seven-and-half hours with short breaks in between."

The woman said the All Black had an insatiable appetite for sex.

"Me and the other girl didn't get it on or anything. We were there for him and him alone. We were like a tag team."

She said at one stage, in the middle of having sex, the rugby star asked her which All Black she'd most want to spend the night with. "He said, 'If you had the choice of any All Black, who would it be?' I looked at him and said, 'Richie McCaw'. He (not McCaw) had the good grace to laugh."

The woman said they spoke only about rugby during the marathon sex session and the player allowed her to take a couple of photos with her cellphone.

She said the All Black did not use condoms but only expressed concerns the morning after about the possibility of having made her pregnant.

"We hadn't used protection. I was thinking, 'Never mind whether I'd get pregnant, what have you given me!"' she said.

"It's stupid thinking about it now but then I guess I was caught up in the experience. Not every woman gets a chance with an All Black.

"In the morning he asked if we could leave through the back but I said no. I didn't have anything to be ashamed of.

"We got in separate taxis and went our own ways."

The woman said the experience was one she will not forget in a hurry.

"I rate the experience as a 10 because he was an All Black," she said.

"But as for the player, I'd give him a four as a lover.

"It was all about him. He didn't care about us, he just wanted sex."

Sunday News revelation of the naked All Black photo-bid came days after All Blacks coach Graham Henry described his World Cup flops as "marvellous role models for this country".

"I'm very proud of how they conduct themselves as people," Henry said on Wednesday as he and members of the worst-ever All Blacks World Cup team they were beaten 20-18 by the French in the quarterfinals arrived at Christchurch airport.

The day before, wing Doug Howlett was arrested and bailed for damaging two cars after a drinking session at London's Hilton Heathrow hotel with seven team-mates and nine members of the All Blacks management.

The Christchurch woman's $10,000 request for the naked All Black photo is not the first time Sunday News has been offered and declined unauthorised pictures of the national rugby stars.

Last year, halfback Byron Kelleher was also shocked to hear Sunday News had been approached by a mystery man trying to sell sexually explicit images of him and American porn star-turned-model and then girlfriend, Ashley Spalding.

Kelleher revealed he had gone to the police over the theft of Spalding's cellphone, said to contain images of the couple. The mystery man asked for $100,000 for memory chips from a cellphone he claimed belonged to Ashley.

In 2005, Sunday News foiled a bid to sell photographs of pin-up All Black Daniel Carter with two French backpackers at a hotel earlier that year. A man helping the backpackers put the photos on a disk and unsuccessfully tried selling the pictures for $10,000.

Neither Kelleher nor Carter were the All Black caught up in the naked photograph bid.

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