Wikipedia the latest to bag Black Caps

00:24, Feb 04 2011
Wikipedia Black Caps page hack
'BLACK CRAPS': Wikipedia's New Zealand cricket team page after a malicious edit.

New Zealand's latest cricket failure has infiltrated the internet's best known encyclopaedia website - by fair means or foul.

Following the Black Caps' 41-run loss to Pakistan in Hamilton last night, frustrated fans vented their feelings in the comments section of

The venom was well summarised by an update to the wikipedia website by a malicious editor who changed the team's nickname to the "Black Cr*ps or Slack Caps".

Further down, it says they earned that name "as they seem to show up to the cricket pitch and play like a high school team.

"Sometimes the team amazes New Zealand with individual brilliance, but normally they amaze us that these guys are the New Zealand NATIONAL cricket team."

Wikipedia has been forced to crack down on hacking in recent times, but administrators had failed to spot the anomaly through this morning. It was amended early this afternoon.

Pakistan clinched the six-match series with a game to spare following a listless New Zealand batting performance last night.