Daughter of George Lucas in Auckland bout

01:43, Jan 31 2009

The Force is strong with Amanda Lucas daughter of legendary Hollywood filmmaker George Lucas who made her mixed martial arts debut in Auckland on Saturday.

Amanda, who featured in three of her father's Star Wars blockbusters, slipped unnoticed into New Zealand last Sunday with a US all-female fight team.

The Americans took on an Australasian side in the Princesses of Pain event at the Auckland Boxing Association Stadium. Amanda, 27, was pitted against Kiwi kickboxer Nicole Kavanagh in the 73kg MMA contest.

Footage of the bout should end up on a reality TV show planned around the formation of a women's international fight league.

Current affairs show 20/20 also covered the event.

Princesses of Pain promoter Belinda Dunne said Amanda's arrival created a buzz among martial artists but the billionaire's daughter had fitted straight in.


She's even staying at the same central Auckland backpackers' lodge as her team-mates, despite being accompanied by her American bodybuilder fiancee.

"She's staying in a hostel with six other girls. Eating the same food. She has not once been a prima donna about it," Belinda told Sunday News.

"Within her team-mates, none of them really give a crap (about her links to fame).

"Amanda is an amazing person within herself.

"Being in New Zealand has been good for her. She's been here since Sunday and no one's taken any notice.

"It's great for her first fight. It's been about her and not about who she is."

Amanda was a hip-hop teacher in San Francisco but had years of martial arts training including kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian ju-jitsu, Belinda said.

She trained at the city's Fairtex Gym, which featured Muay Thai world champion Yodsaenklai Fairtex who fought in the KO World Series event in Auckland in February.

"(Amanda's) got the heart of a fighter.

"She's got some skills in every area. She does the tough yards and she doesn't give up," Belinda said.

She deserved her stage name Amanda "Powerhouse" Lucas.

"She's got a lot of strength in her punch."

Amanda has also made an impact on the big screen, appearing in the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

She was dancer Diva Funquita and the voice of Trade Federation battleship communications officer Tey How in Episode I The Phantom Menace, Outlander Club patron Adnama (Amanda spelled backwards) in Episode II Attack of the Clones, and Senator Terr Taneel in Episode III Revenge of the Sith.

Dad George Lucas' Hollywood blockbusters include both Stars Wars trilogies, the Indiana Jones series and American Graffiti.

Last night's Princesses of Pain featured 10 bouts. An Asian team is planned for the women's international fight league.

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