Kiwiana images adorn Team New Zealand boat

17:02, Sep 20 2013
Team NZ fairing
KIWI ICONS: Sheep and gumboots are part of the design, but sponsors' images remain dominant.

Team New Zealand may have been licked in one America's Cup race today, but they're probably hoping they're never beaten - especially with an image of iconic Kiwi brand Frosty Boy adorning their boat.

The 1960s image of a blonde boy carrying an icecream - whose catchphrase was 'often licked, never beaten' - is one of several painted on part of the underside of the boat.

Auckland branding company Rocket arranged the graphics on the yacht, with sponsors' brands in prominent places, but director Ross Hall said it had lost its Kiwi character.

"When we finished it and got it out on the water, we sort of felt it had lost a bit of its New Zealand flavour," he said.

"We felt it was so heavily branded that it looked like a large floating billboard."

The team then became passionate about claiming part of the yacht for New Zealand culture, and spoke to Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton.


"He really liked the idea as well, because he always does something a little bit quirky to the boat near the end of the racing," Hall said.

Iconic Kiwi images, including the Buzzy Bee, jandals, sheep, kiwifruit, the koru, and corrugated iron made it into the design.

When the design team showed it to Team New Zealand, they loved it, but questioned where the pineapple lumps were, Hall said.

"We had to go back into the artwork and put the pineapple lumps on there, so we thought it was pretty cool the guys had looked at it that hard and said 'hang on, there's a bit of Kiwiana missing here,"' he said.

The company said the yacht was now "sporting a piece of home", and the Buzzy Bee was flying at 40-plus knots with its eye on the prize

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