Kiwis prank Larry Ellison

There's no racing in San Francisco today, but that hasn't stopped three Kiwi blokes living there from giving Larry Ellison a real drubbing.

Clad in full-body Spandex suits, the trio of "Kiwi ninjas" "flag bombed" the Oracle CEO's party house early this morning, decorating his garage doors with a dozen New Zealand flags.

In a video of the prank uploaded to Vimeo, they give the thumbs up sign and then run away, but later catch a glimpse of a man they believe is Ellison's son ripping down the flags.

"Give 'em hell Team New Zealand / From the Kiwis In the Bay" the video says.

Andrew Somervell, a New Zealander who lives a few blocks from Ellison's house, said he came up with the idea over beers at the pop-up Moa bar on Pier 29 that's become up a center of Kiwi culture in San Francisco.

"I live a few blocks from his house - have always run past it thinking it looked cool, modern, very out of place," he said in a Facebook chat.

"Then a friend explained to me that it was Larry's place, and we started scheming. Wanted to find a way to give Larry a nudge in good humour without going overboard.

"Was just a good solid plan after a few beers haha.

"I was going to be in a suit myself but it fell to me to film it."

Somervell, 31, from the Auckland suburb of Orakei, has been in San Francisco since the beginning of last year to launch Eventfinda's US version, but recently stepped back to being the chief product officer at Tomizone.

He said "being in SF for the cup is incredible ... and everyone here 'hates Larry' so there's a lot of support. Know it has been said but it really is true here."

He said his New Zealand mates - identified in the video as "The Lawyer, The Builder and the Random from Hawkes Bay" - were happy to remain anonymous.

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