Famous US magazine labels Steven Adams 'America's next top model' after photo shoot

The world's most famous sports magazine reckons Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has the potential to be America's next top model – and they have the photos to prove it.

Adams' profile continues to soar as the new NBA season gets ready to fire up.

United States publishing giant Sports Illustrated have chosen Adams for a photo shoot to launch their new specialised NBA website Crossover.

Steven Adams' rugged looks and quirky nature have proven a hit with Sports Illustrated as they feature the Kiwi star in ...

Steven Adams' rugged looks and quirky nature have proven a hit with Sports Illustrated as they feature the Kiwi star in a photo shoot to launch their new NBA website.

"Steven Adams is America's next top model, and we have the photos to prove it," Sports Illustrated declared in a tweet.

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Sports Illustrated declared: This man was born to be photographed. 

That was the entry line into a portfolio of 15 quirky photos of Adams in his Oklahoma City Thunder gear.

Crossover had a strong Thunder theme with the lead item, a feature on Adams' team-mate Russell Westbrook who is set to be the face of the franchise this season, following the departure of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors.

In the article, the cheeky Adams makes light of Westbrook's OCD tendencies, a subject even the star himself makes self-deprecating references to with his need for tidiness.

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Westbrook calls out Adams for his untied shoes. Adams' response was classic, though it was so outrageous it left the author wondering if he was serious.

"Sometimes, when he's not looking, I lie on his table and rub my ass on it," Adams says in the article.

Adams likes Westbrook's forthright manner.

"One way or another he lets you know where you stand," Adams says, "and he doesn't do it with a whisper. He does it with a few more decibels than that."

They say that as a leader Westbrook has tailored his communications skills to be appropriate for the recipients.

Westbook can be tough on Adams but the Kiwi shrugs that off.

"He blasts me all the time because I'm fine with it," Adams says.

"He can scream in the middle of a game, 'F... that!' and we're totally cool. But I see him take another approach with others."

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