Steven Adams ditches Disneyland adventure to help OKC Thunder team-mate Russell Westbrook video

Enes Kanter/TWITTER

Stache Brothers Steven Adams and Enes Kanter put their Disneyland trip on hold for OKC Thunder team-mate Russell Westbrook.

The 'Stache Brothers have done it again, with Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams and his Oklahoma City Thunder team-mate Enes Kanter releasing part II of their amusing and popular campaign for Russell Westbrook as league MVP.

Having had their first specially made video go viral on social media, the Thunder's dynamic duo had high standards to live up to as they pushed part II out into the Twittersphere on Tuesday (NZT).

It did not disappoint. The pair don Mickey Mouse hats in one of the scenes from a clip which opens in their now customary fireside setting with them wearing smoking jackets and puffing on pipes.

Enes Kanter and Steven Adams are the Stache Brothers.
Enes Kanter/Twitter

Enes Kanter and Steven Adams are the Stache Brothers.

"Today we're going to take a break from planning our monthly Disneyland trip to talk about our favourite guy," opens Adams, the 23-year-old New Zealander and starting centre with the Thunder.

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He then welcomes in Turkey's Kanter whom he introduces as his co-host and "six man of the year candidate" as the award plugging gets under way.

Then "all-defensive team candidate" Andre Roberson joins them for an amusing "would you rather" segment in which Roberson, one of the best stoppers in the league, is asked a series of alternatives around guarding Westbrook or performing Herculean feats.

He's asked would he rather guard Westbrook or wrestle a snake; then the alternative is to swim with alligators.

Roberson plays his part perfectly. "I would definitely swim with alligators and when I'm done with them I would honour Russell with a nice pair of alligator sneakers for his fashion collection," he says.

Finally it's Russell or a bear.

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Roberson: "I'm pretty sure Russell has done that already himself."

Then Adams signs off by declaring Westbrook is "more ferocious than a honey badger" before a montage of highlight plays ensues.

Amid all the humour is a serious message, both of team unity and of pushing Westbrook's barrel for the MVP award as he remains right on course to match Oscar Robertson's feat of averaging a triple-double for the entire season for only the second time in league history.

Westbrook is locked in a tight contest with Houston's James Harden, San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard and Cleveland's LeBron James for the prestigious award, with popular opinion appearing to favour Harden at this late stage of the season.

Westbrook needs just 95 rebounds and 106 assists over the last 13 games to finish the season with a triple-double average.

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