Fyran's pontoon punt

19:44, Mar 06 2012
Fyran's new 599 pontoon model.

Fyran Boats has joined the pontoon boat game with the release of their all new 559 and 599 models.

Designed by Alan Walker of Coast Design, these two new aluminium runabouts look to be just the start of a new direction for the Auckland-based boat builders.

Fyran general manager Martin Wylie says although the move required some new ways of thinking, it was an obvious one.

"Some people swear by the stability and safety of pontoon boats so we're just trying to capitalise on that," Wylie said.

"But we've had to be conscious of making something that still has a soft riding hull and keeps the bow nice and fine, where many pontoon boats don't. So there has been a lot to think about."

Fyran's pontoon boat concept has been on the drawing board for more than a year and there are all ready plans for a hard top in the pipe line.

The pontoons themselves take on a rectangle shape which doesn't eat into cockpit space, with plenty of stowage found underfloor and in the bow.

Boating New Zealand will feature the new Fyran pontoon models in its upcoming April issue.


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