Tips for winter fishing on a small boat

Good sea boots equal happy feet.

For those who fish from small boats and kayaks, winter poses some challenges.

$20k for a brand new boat

The basic Fireball without options is an ideal entry level boat at around $20,000.

First released in 1968, the affordable Fi-Glass Fireball has introduced thousands of Kiwis to boating.

Boat whisperer

Emirates Team New Zealand skipper  Peter Burling. Day two of the Extreme Sailing Series at Nice. 3/10/2014

It was the worst leak at Team New Zealand since NZL82 nearly sank in 2003: Dean Barker was leaving the team. There followed a torrent of conjecture that Peter Burling would replace him at the helm. Now the sailing world wants to know: who is Peter Burling?

Boat review: Fyran 440

The Fyran 440 is one of the classic Kiwi trailer boats.

Fyran's done the unthinkable: messed with the quintessential Fyran 440. But don't worry, it's actually better.

Sailing in Alaska

The Jackson's yacht Sunstone at the foot of a glacier.

Sailers in Alaska learn to quickly to gusts and lulls, and to carry pepper spray when going ashore.

Inside the Marama hospital ship

The Marama hospital ship in action.

Wounded soldiers, packed like sardines, were rescued by the Marama, one of two New Zealand hospital ships.

Two sailing mates, two different war stories

The 22ft mullet boat Kowhai being raced by Cyril Bassett and Cecil Whitaker in 1913.

Among the Anzacs that landed at Gallipoli were two young Kiwi sailing mates. One returned home with a Victoria Cross; the other was laid to rest in the Aegean Sea.

The Maheno hospital ship: The Anzac's floating hero

Maheno on her trials on the Clyde in 1905.

Inside the hospital ship that evacuated thousands of wounded Anzac soldiers.

Switch to push-button grinding

A Lewmar winch with its conversion kit.

Retro-fitting an electric motor to a manual winch is a popular DIY project for yacht owners. The result is push-button cranking and the ability to hoist your mainsail without breaking a sweat.

Volvo Yachts at C

December 8, 2014. Leg 2 onboard Dongfeng Race Team. Pascal Bid?gorry checking the last position report

For the first time, yachts in the Volvo Ocean Race are a one-design breed. Their identical features extend to the sophisticated onboard electronics, including the CZone system controlling the technology.

Ladies of the Lake

Caravel at Lake Rotoiti the 20ft launch commissioned by Richard Stevens’ father in 1962.

On Christmas Eve 1962, a simple family launch went in the water at Okawa Bay, Lake Rotoiti in the North Island. She was exactly what her owner wanted. More than 50 years on, she still takes the family members cruising on the lake and is in better shape than ever.

Burling says no decision made yet on helmsman

Burling at the helm of Emirates Team New Zealand, Day one of the Extreme Sailing Series at Nice. 2/10/2014

Social media claims Peter Burling has ousted Dean Barker, but Burling disagrees.

Greece: Sailing Plato's playground

The catamaran we chartered, a 42ft Lagoon, at Emerald Bay, Antipaxos Island, Greece.

Greece charter boat feature

Chartering a boat through the Ionian Islands is the ideal way to explore the area called the playground of the ancient Greeks.

Running on empty

A reliable, accurate fuel gauge on your boat will help ensure you never run of fuel.

It’s not a good feeling… motoring for shelter in bad weather and wondering whether there’s enough fuel in the tank to get you there. It may be you’re worrying about nothing – or that you’re running on the smell of an oily rag.

Smooth Moves

Smooth steering makes the whole boating experience more pleasant.

As boat owners blow the dust of winter storage from the decks and prepare for sea, some will discover their boats have a sticky helm. Before applying brute force, consider a simple fix-it.

Drama at sea: Sydney - Hobart

Pretty Fly III makes the most of the northerly change early on the second day.

Ben Gladwell swore he'd never do another Sydney Hobart race.


Ian stands atop the plug for the 33.5 metre cruising sloop designed by  Frers Naval Architecture.

In September, the buzz whizzed around the marine industry – "Psssst: Yachting Developments has got a boat." In one sense, it was like winning Lotto. In another, like Santa Claus securing the contract to deliver Christmas presents.

Life’s a beach

The Witehaven 6000 Flybridge Cruiser

Conceived in Australia and built in Taiwan – the Whitehaven range is taking on the big players of the Australia-New Zealand motoryacht market.

Is your engine hydrolock-proof?

The conrod on the left has been bent after suffering a hydrolock.

There are multiple ways to get water inside your engine’s cylinders; the two main routes are via the induction or exhaust systems. Either way, it’s expensive.

Twisting by the spool

Cover is woven around the outside of the core.

Custom-designed fibres and braiding technology have made modern cordage stronger than steel.

Fishing Central

Extreme 850 Game King

After running sportfishing boats worldwide, a local operator has fitted out an Extreme Game King 850 centre cabin: the ultimate trailer boat for charter. Extreme Game King 850 centre cabin.

Marine cuisine: Seafood from Spain

The table laid aboard Voodoo at Motouihi Island.

A selection of easy to prepare seafood recipes for a stunning dinner afloat.

American maxi enters Sydney to Hobart race

Comanche is a newly built 100-footer, designed with the express purpose of being the fastest monohull yacht on the planet.

“The design office were told specifically that if this boat isn’t the worst-rated boat in history, they have failed.” – Jim Clark, owner of Comanche

Leech 825 powercat review

A clean transition between the hulls and the pilot house

The sleek lines of the L825 combine economy, comfort and trailerability in a package suited to New Zealand conditions.

The man behind Tristram Marine

Lance Fink believes the best way to get a three-dimensional view of a boat is from above, so his showroom has a mezzanine balcony for viewing.

He's outspoken, meticulous, controversial and fussy. He founded Tristram Marine and brought it back stronger than ever after a fire in 2010 destroyed most of its moulds.

Building your own boat

The finished article with it's "very contemporary" paint job.

Matt Vance and his mate knock together a dinghy using a couple of sheets of ply, some bronze nails and a few choice words.

Stabicraft uses amphibious tech

The Stabicraft-Sealegs - Adventure with Confidence

Boat manufacturer, Stabicraft has incorporated amphibious technology to create a vessel that can go walkabout.

Bavaria Vision 46 review

The Bavaria Vision 46 combines easy sailing and solid performance.

An offset companionway has advantages above and below decks, combined with some nifty, push-button tricks.

Onboard in the Volvo Ocean Race gallery

Waves crash over the deck while the crew of Alvimedica huddle at the stern of the boat for protection

For the crews of nine men and 11 women aboard the seven, identical Volvo 65 yachts racing a lap of the planet, life at sea is a series of four-hour blocks - four hours on deck to race, four hours below deck to eat and sleep. Repeat.

Ocean Race set for Auckland


Auckland will truly become the city of sails next year when the boats of the Volvo Ocean Race float into town.

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