Game of Groans: Bolt from the blue lips

Bulging biceps. Frightening flexibility. Supreme strength. The peak of the human form pushing itself to the limit is on display in Glasgow.

To the common people, the athletes of the Commonwealth Games are something so far beyond our couches and capabilities we wouldn't dare to give it a go.

But one boy is up for the challenge.

Enter Stuff intern Liam Martin.

Better known for being a part-time diva doppelganger, Liam is shaking off the thighs-highs and biscuit bikini-tops to take one for the common people. Five actually.

His challenge? To re-create the power, glory and grace of the Commonwealth Games stars. 

To ease into it (lol) Liam takes on Usain Bolt, world's fastest man and six-time Olympic Gold medallist, on one of Auckland's coldest days this year.

Who do you think he should take on next?

Coming up, Liam will get back to his girl power roots with a take on Val Adams in the shot-put, gymnast Brittany Robertson, and swimmer Taylor McKeown, and have a crack at the clean and jerk as Richie Patterson.