Hunger still there for shot put queen Val Adams

13:03, Jul 31 2014
Sarah Cowley
Sarah Cowley competes duringg women's high jump qualifying at Hamden Park, with a best clearance of 1.85m.
Angie Smit
Angie Smit races in the women's 800m heats at Hampden Park, qualifying, along with fellow Kiwi Nikki Hamblin, for the semifinals.
David Bishop
Kiwi David Bishop competes on the rings during the men's all-around final.
Soukananh Thongsinh
New Zealand's Soukananh Thongsinh (red) competes against Nigeria's Amas Daniel during a men's 61kg wrestling bout.
Peter Jackson and Yang Sun
Kiwis Peter Jackson and Yang Sun compete against Australia's William Henzell and Miao Miao in table tennis mixed doubles action.
Silver Ferns fans
Silver Ferns fans show off their New Zealand spirit during match against Jamaica.
Leana de Bruin
Silver Ferns goal keep Leana de Bruin tangles with Jamaica's Jhaniele Fowler-Reid.
Liana Leota
New Zealand wing attack Liana Leota leaps over Casey Kopua as she attempts to keep the ball in play.
Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt waves a Jamaican flag as he cheers on the Sunshine Girls against the Silver Ferns.
Jodi Brown
Silver Ferns goal attack Jodi Brown lines up a shot under pressure from Romelda Aiken-Pinnock.
Tayla Ford
Kiwi Tayla Ford (in blue) bends back Australia's Claire Holland in pain during her women's 58kg quarterfinal victory.
Tayla Ford
New Zealand's Tayla Ford (in red) battles Nigeria's Aminat Adeniyi during her women's 58kg wrestling semifinal.
Sam Belkin
New Zealand's Sam Belkin grapples with Canadian Argun Gill during his men's 97kg semifinal loss.
Soukananh Thongsinh
Soukananh Thongsinh gets a face-full of mat as Nigerian Amas Daniel dominates him in their men's 61kg quarterfinal.
Krystal Forgesson
Krystal Forgesson (left) high-fives Olivia Merry after scoring in the Black Sticks' 6-0 domination of Canada in their final pool match.
David Bishop
Kiwi David Bishop goes to work on the horizontal bar during the men's all-around gymnastics final.
Kristofer Done
New Zealand's Kristofer Done dismounts from the parallel bars during the men's all-around final.
Mikhail Koudinov
Mikhail Koudinov of New Zealand flips off the horizontal bar in the men's all-around final.
Kristofer Done, Mikhail Koudinov and David Bishop
New Zealanders (from left) Kristofer Done, Mikhail Koudinov and David Bishop compete in the men's all-around gymnastics final.
David Light
New Zealand's David Light (in red) thrusts his arms in the air after defeating Kenya's Charles Odhiambo Okoth in their men's heavyweight quarterfinal bout.
Valerie Adams
New Zealand's golden girl Valerie Adams celebrates winning the women's shot put.
Valerie Adams
Valerie Adams shows great poise in her shot put release.
Valerie Adams
Winning's best when it's with friends as Valerie Adams shows with her shot put rivals, silver winner Cleo Borel and Julie Labonte with the bronze.
Liam Stone
New Zealand's Liam Stone completes a dive during the men's 1m springboard final in Edinburgh.
Liam Stone
Kiwi Liam Stone is reflected in the warm-up pool during the men's 1m springboard final dive.
Stanislav Chalaev
NZ weightlifter Stanislav Chalaev kisses the weights after his final lift in the men's 105kg competition, earning him a silver medal.
Brittany Robertson
New Zealand's Brittany Robertson goes through her floor routine during the women's all-around final.
Liam Stone
Liam Stone waits for his turn to dive during the men's 1m springboard final in Edinburgh.
Liam Stone
Liam Stone completes a dive during the men's 1m springboard final.

It was all about the numbers and the anthem for Valerie Adams, wrapped in a New Zealand flag in the Glasgow chill.

Her 54th successive competition victory and New Zealand's 600th Commonwealth Games medal were the tangible rewards from another Adams shot put cakewalk, when she admitted to being flat but still won by 1.31m over her ''bestie'', Cleo Borel from Trinidad and Tobago.

Then she beamed her way through God Defend New Zealand, with backup vocals from a gaggle of Kiwis who remained to sing and wave flags as the clock ticked towards 10.30pm at Hampden Park.

FAR FROM DONE: Kiwi shot put Queen Valerie Adams insists her competitive spirit still burns strong after 54 consecutive victories at the top level.
FAR FROM DONE: Kiwi shot put queen Valerie Adams insists her competitive spirit still burns strong after 54 consecutive victories at the top level.

The question now is, what maintains the hunger for someone so dominant in their field? How far can her winning streak go?

Adams, 30 in October, returns to her Swiss base tonight (NZT) with coach Jean-Pierre Egger - whose birthday fell on his charge's golden day - with still four competitions remaining in her year.

Assuming her streak continues at three Diamond League meets and the World Cup in Marrakesh, she'll be 58 not out by year's end.


It's inching towards Edwin Moses territory, the great hurdler who won 107 successive finals, or decathlete Daley Thompson whose winning run stretched nine years. Adams was last beaten in August, 2010.

''Once we got to 50 [in New York in June] that was a massive goal and a massive achievement. Now it's about enjoying every competition,'' Adams said.

''I know that I am the hunted and they will all try to hunt me down. I still enjoy what I do and love my country and I have an amazing coach, so we will continue.''

Motivation was easy for Adams this time, when she was handed the flag at the opening ceremony and was said by team-mates to be ultra relaxed and willing to share her time and offer advice.

She mentored promising New Zealand discus thrower Siositina Hakeai, a fellow Mangere girl, in the athletes' village.

''It's great to have that connection, we're the Tongans in the team and it's fantastic to room with her and help her out when she needs it.''

Adams insists the competitive spirit still burns, 12 years on from her first Commonwealth Games when she won silver at age 17 in Manchester.

''The day that goes is the time to hang up my boots. At the moment physically it's kinda tough, but I'm still able to work through them and do the training. I was so excited to be here and lead the team intro the opening ceremony. That was a big part of these Games for me.''

Adams wore a thermal for the first time in competition and used a white towel as a shawl over her jacket to stay warm between throws in the icy breeze.

Her best of 19.88m was way too good, but well off her Games record of 20.47m from Delhi, or her world best 2014 mark of 20.67m set at the world indoors in March. Still, no one was going to get near her.

Borel is so close with Adams she's going to stay with her in Switzerland next week. The pair are inseparable on tour, and Borel even plaited Adams' hair before yesterday's competition.

Borel, whose best was 18.57m to clearly win silver, said Adams' dominance will long continue. Even when she raised 50 in New York with a left shoulder injury, no one could get past her.

''I think so because there were times this year when other throwers had the ability to beat her and they were not able to step up to that mark. She does cast a large shadow on the event,'' Borel said.