Queen photobombs Australian athlete's selfie

02:01, Jul 25 2014
Queen selfie
MONARCH MOMENT: Australia hockey players Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris had their Games selfie photobombed by the Queen.

Australian hockey players who shot to online stardom thanks to the Queen's inadvertent photobombing of their Commonwealth Games selfie have admitted it was no accident.

Hockeyroos players Jayde Taylor and Brooke Peris' photo posted on Twitter was retweeted almost 7800 times in its first nine hours online and has attracted media interest from around the world including from the BBC, the Times and Huffington Post.

Taylor wrote on her Twitter post: "Ahhh The Queen photo-bombed our selfie!! #royalty #sheevensmiled #amazing"

She later tweeted a message to @TheEllenShow "I think our selfie tops yours! #queenselfie #queenphotobomb #hockeyroos #callme"

Taylor admitted the photograph was planned after the Queen met the players on a visit to the Glasgow National Hockey Centre.

"We were warming down on the second pitch after our game and the Queen came out to meet Donny [Madonna Blyth, Australian women's hockey captain]," Taylor said.


"The security guard led us all round and we got to meet her.

"She asked us a bit about the pitch, how we were going and told us to enjoy our time here. She was lovely, really, really lovely.

"Brooke and I planned it so that when she came out the door she would be behind us.

"And then she came out and smiled at the camera. We were in the right spot at the right time."

It appeared to have been a bit of a competition to snare the royal snap at the Games with other athletes doing their best to get one with the Queen as she visited other Games venues in Scotland's largest city.

England hurdler Andy Turner uploaded a photo of himself with the Queen in the background and Australian rugby sevens captain Ed Jenkins also boasted of a selfie.

New Zealand athletes Sophie Pascoe and DJ Forbes may have had their chance today when they attended a lunch with the Queen in the athletes' dining hall.

"Everyone was taking their chances to get photos, but it was pretty reserved and making sure we didn't offend her in any way,'' Forbes said of the athletes' behaviour at the invite-only lunch.

The NZ sevens captain did not get a chance to meet the Queen personally.

''There was no chance for a chat, but it was good either way to get nominated," he said.

"It was pretty cool. I wasn't too sure how I got nominated to have lunch, but to be amongst the Queen along with a lot of other athletes was pretty special," Forbes said.

It wasn't the first royal invitation for Forbes, who met Prince William and his wife Kate in Dunedin during their New Zealand tour in April.

"Obviously I met Kate and Wills earlier on in the year so meeting the family's been pretty good this year."

Forbes went straight from the lunch to the sevens team press conference, standing out in his dress trousers and white shirt with coach Gordon Tietjens and team-mates Sherwin Stowers and Tim Mikkelson in team issue kit.

After glancing off a jibe from Tietjens about shaving his long beard to look more respectable, Forbes insisted his behaviour for the Queen was exemplary.

"My etiquette was pretty on point; I was making sure I was sipping, having my cup of tea when it was appropriate."

The sevens team open their quest for a fifth consecutive gold medal against Canada on Saturday night (NZT), and will hope to get there complete with lucky beards.

At Forbes' behest, the team vowed at the start of the year not to shave until the Commonwealth Games. Stowers revealed not everyone had stuck to the plan.

"Us three are the only ones hanging on," said Stowers of he, Forbes and Mikkelson, the only three returnees from Delhi four years ago.

"Some of the others can't even grow a beard. We called this at the beginning of the year. I had a bit of a trim and DJ is probably the only one who hadn't really touched it."



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