Nigerian strips to undies after winning bronze

11:48, Jul 30 2014
Ojo Onaolapo
PARTY TIME: Ojo Onaolapo celebrates Nigeria's upset win over India to win the bronze medal in the teams event.

As far as Commonwealth games celebrations go, Nigerian table tennis player Ojo Onaolapo wins - pants down.

The 19-year-old was so overcome with joy after helping Nigeria upset India for the bronze medal in the teams event, he dropped his shorts to reveal his blue underpants, flashing them to the crowd.

The Nigerians were celebrating as if they'd just won gold after Onaolapo beat Sharath Kamal Achanta to seal their victory.

He was carried around the arena on the shoulders of thrilled team-mates while others danced in the stands with their supporters.

But once Onaolapo was returned to earth he topped it off with his undies flash.

The normally conservative table tennis competition has had some wild moments at these Games, including Scottish player Gavin Rumgay producing a mankini impersonation after winning a crucial point against a Canadian opponent, pulling his uniform shorts up so high his striped underpants were there for all to see.

Onaolapo took things a step further though.