Six of the best - cricket catches in the deep

HIGH FIVE: Black Caps fielder Trent Boult celebrates after taking a brilliant catch on the boundary against the West Indies.
HIGH FIVE: Black Caps fielder Trent Boult celebrates after taking a brilliant catch on the boundary against the West Indies.

If the West Indies are to take one lesson from their home and away series against the Black Caps, it will be to not hit the ball in the air anywhere near Trent Boult.

The Kiwi left-arm bowler produced another sublime catch for the highlight reel in this morning's T20 loss.

First he snared the ball one-handed over his head but, realising he was heading towards the boundary, threw the ball in the air, before diving back across the rope to complete the catch. 

Black Caps fans will also remember him stunning West Indian batsman Denesh Ramdin with his flying one-handed grab at gully during their tour to New Zealand over the summer.

It got us thinking about some of the other suburb pieces of athleticism mixed with hand-eye coordination displayed by New Zealand cricketers.

Here are the unofficial top six classic catches in the deep by Kiwi cricketers.

1. Bevan Small, Central Districts vs Northern Districts, 2012 

Bevan who? You might not know the name, but if you're a cricket fan you should definitely know the catch. As the ball sails over the boundary, Central Districts player Small leaps up to catch it and, all in one motion, manages to fling it back in the direction of Michael Mason. Mason then makes a typically stiff fast bowler's dive to complete the catch. Incredible.

2. Trent Boult, Black Caps vs West Indies, 2014

Boult has made a name for himself as a superb fielder. Check out the video of today's outfield heroics to see why. He's quite a handy bowler, too, it must be said.

3. Martin Guptill, Black Caps vs India, 2014

Guptill is ice cold under pressure. During the Indian series here last summer he gave a prime example of that. A similar catch to Boult's today, Guptill didn't need all the theatrics a diving Boult did to dismiss Ravi Ashwin. He perfectly positioned himself just inside the boundary and when he began to lose his balance, flicked the ball up, stepped over the boundary before returning to the playing field and nonchalantly completing the catch. Too easy!

4. Mathew Sinclair, Black Caps vs Australia, 2004

Kiwi cricketers really do love nothing more than dismissing an Australian batsman. Clearly Sinclair had been getting a bit of stick from some Aussie lout in the crowd as upon taking his masterful one-handed diving catch he turned to the spectators, pointed and quickly silenced them.

5. Mark Richardson, Black Caps vs Australia, 2001

Now this catch is not memorable for any particular feat of athleticism - the stiff-as-a-board Mark Richardson was the fielder after all. This is in here for the moment it created. Shane Warne had rescued Australia from a dire situation during the third test at the WACA in Perth. He reached 99 and instead of noodling the ball for a single, he took a big swipe at a Daniel Vettori delivery and was caught on the boundary. Richardson took the grab and proceeded to take his hat off and bow to the crowd. The moment was made even more sweeter for the Black Caps when it was later discovered Vettori had overstepped and Warne shouldn't have been out. The Aussie icon never reached a century in test cricket.

6. Mayu Pasupati, Wellington vs Canterbury, 2000

Before you all go complaining that Pasupati is not a Kiwi (he was born in Sri Lanka), he qualifies for our unofficial list because he played most of his cricket in New Zealand and the catch was made at the Basin Reserve in Wellington. Pasupati's flying, one-handed grab was instantly etched into the minds of anyone who attended the game that day.