Barker v Spithill

It’s kind of like when Princess Diana was killed: when Jimmy Spithill and his Oracle team delivered that killer blow to Team New Zealand in the America’s Cup’s final race, everyone remembers where they were when the news came through.

An unusual bait

Bruce Basher gets great ingredients and combines them to make something special.

BRUCE BASHER - Fishing News

Cocktail baits have been around for quite some time, especially in the UK and the continent, where anglers seem to need all the help they can get. 

500,000 smolt release aids recovery

The positive work at McKinnon’s Creek Salmon Hatchery on the Rangitata River prompted Sandie Finnie to talk with Bill Whipp, a long-standing member of Riparian Support Trust.

SANDIE FINNIE - Fishing News

Bill is among volunteers and anglers who collectively spend thousands of hours manning the facility, which had close to 1000 adult fish through the traps this season. For them this represents payback for the work they and others have put in over the years.

Expedition season

A hectic schedule lies ahead over the following few months as Stephen Tapp tries to fit in a series of kayak competitions and expeditions.

STEPHEN TAPP - Fishing News

In little more than a week we begin with the Top Catch Cove to Cape Kayak Contest; September will see missions to Lottin Point and Hicks Bay to try for ‘paddle from shore’ bluenose; Labour Weekend involves a mothership trip with Rick Pollock aboard Pursuit; and finally, there’s the Viking Coromandel Gold Rush event at the end of November. 

A couple of pikers

Far from home, Sam Mossman enjoys a classic English summer and targets a new species – the pike.

SAM MOSSMAN - Fishing News

As a fisherman, I must confess to being a bit of a ‘species collector’; I love to catch fish I have never caught before. 

National record john dory claim

Landing a New Zealand record john dory was so surprising it knocked the lucky angler’s friend off his perch.

Record snapper offender sentenced

An Auckland man was sentenced in Papakura’s District Court last month to 320-hours community work for taking 325 snapper.

Ruato boat restrictions lifted

Bar-safety videos for boaties

Ten tips for the upcoming trout fishing season


What’s on the menu?

Usually, after any successful outing, or come to that, any conversation involving fishing, the discussion turns to favourite eating fish and their preparation. This is a really good topic, especially as there is greater awareness these days regarding treating your catch with respect and making sure it is as valued for food is it is for sport.

Lament of a Tongariro angler

Nice moves!

Tackle Talk - August 2013

It is without doubt the spin-fisher surfcaster's biggest irritation.

DIY - August 2013

One place I do a bit of surfcasting has large stones on the beach. It is a great snapper spot, probably due to the fact there are mussels and oysters on the stones as well.

Wildfoods - May 2013

Moroccan BBQ Trevally

Wildfoods - April 2013

DIY - April 2013

Wildfoods - August 2013

Three-egg smoked trout omelette

When fair is foul

Hover through the fog and filthy air, chant the witches as they await the arrival of Macbeth in Shakespeare's tragedy of that name.

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Southern Bluefin Tuna


Blue shark

A common pelagic shark with world-wide distribution, blue sharks are common in New Zealand offshore waters right around the coast. They are easily recognizable by their bright blue colour and long slender body , with over-length pectoral fins.

Whangarei/Tutukaka - September 2014

The recent pounding along our coast stirred up plenty of feed.

Northern Hauraki Gulf - September 2014

Snapper are still in the gulf, but are not as willing to take a bait as throughout the summer months.

Eastern Coromandel - September 2014

Manukau - September 2014

Southern Hauraki Gulf - September 2014

Casting around the inner harbour has been hard work over the last few weeks.


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