What's recreational fishing worth to NZ's economy?

Add up the price of boats, fuel, fishing tackle, bait, charters, accommodation and so on, and fishing is worth a huge amount to New Zealand. Hopefully we'll be finding out exactly how much in the near future...

A recent study in Australia found recreational fishers contribute an estimated $2.56 billion to the nation’s economy. But what’s fishing worth in New Zealand? LegaSea asks the question...

Biggest trout in 50 years

A record sized trout caught by Bruce Yorke at the Lake Taharoa near Dargaville.

A near trophy sized trout caught in a Northland lake is a sign of an improved habitat

Fishermen net 330kg tuna

Ben Monk and Ashley Clarke with the 330kg tuna they caught off the coast of Greymouth on Saturday.

Fish and chips for dinner for three West Coast men who pulled in a 330 kilogram tuna.

Out fishing with Sir Graham Henry

"If you don't lift your game, boys, you're off the team!"

After the final whistle blows, how does Sir Graham Henry wind down? By fishing of course.

Whitebait: something must change

Whitebaiting is a timeless tradition - a way of connecting with the river and fellow ‘baiters.

Whitebaiting is tremendously popular, with large numbers of Kiwis growing up with whitebaiting and seeing the pursuit of them as a birthright. Then, of course, there is the sharing of the catch with family and friends, making it a very social event for many.

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