Big water attracts humongous trout gallery

A fat pig of a brownie weighing almost 30lb caught by Ben Cross, this time taken ‘Taupo style’ on fly-fishing tackle and a small Grey Ghost.

Some phenominal trout-fishing action is taking place at the Mackenzie Canals.

370kg swordfish too big for boat

Success – but almost too much of it! This broadbill proved too heavy to bring on board, so had to be bent around the stern.

It was the catch of a decade... a fish so big it needed a marina crane to land it.

Rotorua trout launch spawning runs

A spawning run in a Rotorua stream.

Good news for anglers – recent rains have boosted the number of trout making their spawning runs up Rotorua rivers.

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Top tips for fishing braided rivers

One of the great things about braided rivers is the variety of fish available - in this case a chunky little rainbow.

Braided rivers can be daunting at first sight, but overcoming the challenges are often very rewarding.

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