The ITM Fishing Show - September 2012

Last updated 12:40 31/08/2012
Manz with her first tropical Mahimahi
A nice yellowfin, a now uncommon site in NZ

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It's not all beer and skittles... but it's pretty close!

Gidday I'm Bill, who is Bill you ask? Well, for the past five years I've been sitting in the background keeping things ticking over and making sure we can continue to produce The ITM Fishing Show. I've got the opportunity to fill this page because Matt's been island hopping between Niue and Rarotonga, filming what is shaping up as some of the best stuff we've ever captured. We make that claim a bit but we're not a crew that ever rests on its laurels so I think it's warranted.

Niue was particularly cool as we got back together with our mate from Matt's Fishing Apprentice, Mandy Kupenga. Affectionately known as Manz, she was a clear favourite amongst the public and was very stoked to get the call to come to Niue with us. Her contagious enthusiasm and positiveness makes Manz a lot of fun to be around so we knew we were going to have a good shoot. That's exactly how the trip played out, with great fishing in gin-clear water, with the smiling and joking Manz experiencing it all for the first time. Facebook fans would have seen some of her posts in the rock pools, out fishing and night diving so would already know of the great time she was having. Keep an eye out in October where Manz is in the thick of the action experiencing first time encounters with some awesome tropical fish.

Matt came back from Niue really jazzed too... probably the most excited I've seen him since he got the Black Marlin from his dinghy. He and Blair, our underwater cameraman, spent hours in the water each day and they were both giving very animated accounts of the action they'd filmed. Close encounters with big Mahi's and solid Wahoo were all caught on film and gave the guys a number of new ways of looking at things. From what I have seen over the editors shoulders they're not exaggerating and I'm looking forward to my first watch of the Niue episodes.

The crew just left for the Cook Islands with an awesome itinerary to look forward to; GT's, bonefish, tuna and marlin are all on the list, as well as the huge array of reef fish that you get in the islands. Covering Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu, the guys are seeing a good chunk of the Cooks and I can't wait to see what they come back with.

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Till next time, which may be in another five years


Bill Miles
The ITM Fishing Show

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1st September 2012, 7pm TV3
Mega-Deep Trailer Boat Fishing

A brief winter weather window finally allows Matt to head out wide in his Stabicraft to have a crack at a new type of deepwater fishing that until recently has rarely been achieved; catching a broadbill swordfish during the daytime. This episode is a must watch, incorporating never before seen underwater footage of a swordfish battle during daytime, plus an after-dark encounter that catches everyone by surprise!

8th September 2012, 7pm TV3
Light Tackle Line Burners

The far north of New Zealand is home to some truly massive Trevally, and this week finds Matt and the team targeting these notoriously hard fighting fish on light tackle in shallow waters, a tricky combination when it comes to getting one of these lightening quick fish to the boat.

15th September 2012, 7pm TV3
Outer Outer Gulf 1

Nearly 100 nautical miles from Auckland, the team drop baits in 600 metres of water in search of whatever denizens of the deep they can find. Tuna, snapper, kingfish, bluenose, and a mysterious giant from the depths round out a truly eye opening day of deep water fishing.

22nd September 2012, 7pm TV3
Outer Outer Gulf Part 2

Matt still hasn't scratched his swordfish itch, so the team spend the night dropping baits in an effort to entice a bite from the prince of darkness, the elusive broadbill swordfish. Despite every bait being snaffled up, as day breaks there's still no swordfish, and as the day wears on, time starts running out for Matt and the team...

29th September 2012, 7pm TV3
How To Catch Kingfish

This week sees the return of the ever popular Mandy from last year's Apprentice episodes. We're out to get her hooked onto her first proper Kingfish, and between monster snapper captures and a surprise hapuku, she soon develops the knack of mechanical jigging and it's not long before she's nailed to the rail by a Northland freight train!

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