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Last updated 15:04 30/10/2012
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Capture the moment

Only a couple of generations ago, getting a photo taken was an event for which you would groom yourself immaculately and dress in your best clothes. Even in my youth, with film and photo developing being expensive you would be careful with what you snapped a pic of.

These days we can click away on digital cameras and phones with reckless abandon with no thought given to the cost, or qualifying the importance of the photo subject. I used to find taking photos a hassle, I thought so long as I had seen it, I would remember it and that was good enough for me. But having children teaches you how much you forget, and how valuable seemingly insignificant snaps become as time passes.

So now a camera is mandatory in my fishing kit, not because I feel a need to prove I caught a fish I released, but to be able to have a record of a great moment or sight and ensure the memory will last.

This photo nostalgia has come to me as I've trawled through some old fishing pics and I've decided to share a few of my favorites. They qualify as favorites not because of perfect lighting, composure or a huge fish, but because of the memory attached. Here's a couple I've picked out...

My friend and colleague Bill Miles shot the photo on the right. The woman holding the kingfish is my mum, Maureen. My son Shaw is looking on very proudly, impressed by his nan's effort. I have photo's of many bigger kingfish, but to me this isn't a photo of a kingfish, it is a picture of pure elation. Mum was so stoked, and it was so well deserved.

I snapped this pic of myself earlier this year while on holiday. I had a whole day to myself, so I went out into the bay and had a look for marlin. The plan was to livebait, but I'd only caught two kahawai and one trevally.

"Not to worry I'll catch a skippy," I thought. At the first sign of good water I set out my skippy lure, and put out a single marlin lure as well. I hadn't even got the lure set when a marlin raced in. I pulled in the lure with the marlin in pursuit and threw it a live kahawai, it ate it in plain view, but at the same time got tangled, jumped a couple of times and I lost it. I wasn't disappointed, I'd seen the best bit, the bite, and it was only two minutes into my first game fishing trip of the season. Later that day I set out my live trevally in a fishy looking bit of water, two minutes later I had a striped marlin lit up and buzzing between the bait and the boat. It eventually ate and ten minutes later I tagged a ninety kilo stripy, and I leaned out and took a quick snap before I let it go.

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There are hundreds of marlin catches I've forgotten about, and chances are I will have eventually forgotten about this one too, if not for my decision to snap this pic. Because this pic exists, so does my memory of the great day I had.

I'll be posting some of my favourite pics on The ITM Fishing Show Facebook page over the next couple of months - log in and check them out.

Till next time, keep 'em tight
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Now in the new time slot of 5.30pm Sundays on TV3

Sunday 28th October, 5.30pm
Middle East Mission

This has to be the most exotic location we've filmed in to date. Oman in the Middle East not only has plenty of oil money, but a wealth of natural riches in the warm waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. We hook into some excellent salt water sport fish alongside the oil tankers and meet some hard case Arab fishos.

Sunday 4th November, 5.30pm
Top of the South

We venture out on a live aboard charter to D'Urville Island with Cougar cruises. We reap the bounty of the ocean and have plenty of fun with our guest Glen Osborne who has the honour of using Matt's favourite fishing rod 'old lucky'.

Sunday 11th November, 5.30pm
Giant Yellowfin Tournament

Reports of 100kg tuna lures Matt and the team to the other side of the world to fish in the Gulf of Oman. Everything was completely foreign to the Kiwi's fishing amongst the local Omani fishing boats, but it was a trip to be remembered for more than just the fishing.

Sunday 18th November, 5.30pm
Ultimate Ocean Adventure

We are on our favorite fishing machine again exploring the far off reaches of the South Pacific ocean where we find thousands of yellowfin tuna that we take on with light tackle. The light tackle is also used on the king of all the big game fish; the broadbill swordfish.

Sunday 25th November, 5.30pm
Ultimate Ocean Adventure Part 2

We stay at an uninhabited atoll in the middle of the south pacific ocean, sharks sea turtles and sea snakes all visit us in the night, and by day we get hooked up and dealt to by some of the hardest pulling fish we've ever encountered at an offshore seamount.

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