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far north may13

Far North - May 2013

Crystal-clear cobalt blue water is right up the harbours - then turns into a pretty tropical turquoise as soon as it gets over the sand.

West Coast - May 2013

Lake edges a good option


The recent drought on the West Coast has made trout fishing difficult in the smaller rivers, but opened up opportunities for exploring larger rivers not normally easily accessed.

Wairarapa - May 2013

What a summer!

GRAHAM HOWARD - Fishing News

Everyone is crowing - with the exception of the cockies, who are really suffering now.

Hawkes Bay - May 2013

From tuna to red cod

BRUCE BASHER - Fishing News

With the warmer weather the country has been experiencing over the past month or two, water temperatures have remained high and the fish species caught have confirmed this.

West Coast Waikato - May 2013

Lures at the ready

CHRIS BUNGARD - Fishing News

West Coast fishing has been exceptional, with a lot of light wind and low swells.

Whangarei/Tutukaka - May 2013

With the days getting shorter and a little rain arriving, it seems that our extended summer has come to an end.

Bay of Islands - May 2013

The best marlin catches continue to be inside the 200m contour, with the most action being from about 120m off the Nine Pin and in 140m east of Piercy Island.

Whangaroa - May 2013

Bay of Islands - April 2013

Northern Hauraki Gulf - May 2013

Kawau has plenty of snapper around the coast and associated islands; the only problem is their size.

Manukau - May 2013

Easter passed, and due to a great period of weather there were plenty of people out on the water.

Manukau - April 2013

Northern Hauraki Gulf - April 2013

Southern Hauraki Gulf - May 2013

The long, hot summer of 2013 is finally ending.

Waihi/Whangamata - May 2013

Easterly and southeasterly winds have predominated.

Eastern Coromandel - May 2013

With the days getting off to a crisper start, it seems our game fishing season is over for the year.

Freshwater Waikato - April 2013

Eastern Coromandel - April 2012

Freshwater Waikato - May 2013

Water temperatures in the Waikato are still up and the drought is still very real - however, all of that is likely to change soon.

Rotorua - May 2013

It's been a long hot summer, but the temperatures are finally dropping in the lead-in to winter.

Whakatane - May 2013

Some very respectable snapper are hitting the beach, along with some large kahawai, gurnard and trevally.

Tauranga - April 2013

Eastern Bay of Plenty - April 2013

Tauranga - May 2013

Another month of great weather has helped the water temperature hold at 20.5°C - and it's really blue right in close.

Freshwater Hawkes Bay - May 2013

Fishing has been hard, with the prolonged drought having a drastic effect on water levels and temperatures.

Taranaki - May 2013

The arrival of autumn has brought some fantastic snapper fishing for the Taranaki area.

Gisborne - May 2013

Wellington - April 2013

Wellington - May 2013

The west coast of Wellington's fishing region has been producing unprecedented numbers of that top sporting fish, trevally.

Canterbury - May 2013

Low river flows have continued, making exploring the region's larger braided rivers the best option for trout fisherman.

Southland - May 2013

A change in weather saw us get quite a bit of rain, especially in the western region.

Nelson/Marlborough - May 2013

Otago - April 2013

Otago - May 2013

May brings frosts and calm clear days - hopefully just colder versions of the incredible weather we've already had.

Tonga - May 2013

The marlin fishing has been pretty consistent at the middle grounds.

Niue Island - May 2013

Yellowfin tuna, as well as their smaller skipjack cousins, continue to provide the most action for us at present.

Samoa - May 2013

Cook Islands - May 2013

Vanuatu - May 2013

We have experienced one of the toughest months of fishing I can remember here in Vanuatu.

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