Manukau - November 2012

Snapper get ready to spawn

Last updated 11:47 02/11/2012
manukau nov12
Fishing is improving over the Manukau Bar. Kieran Woods with double of bright pannies taken from 60m.

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Fishing has improved on all fronts over the past month, but weather has restricted fishing.

Fishing inside the harbour has been fairly consistent, with gurnard and kahawai being the most common species going in the bin at the moment. The gurnard are in good condition, with the bigger fish in full roe at the tail end of spawning. The channels and channel edges have been the best place to target these tasty table fish, with small cut baits on ledger rigs doing the business. The kahawai are in good numbers off Huia, although there are a lot of small fish, and many of the larger specimens are not in very good condition.

A few people have managed to get out and do some drags for scallops around the place, and from the reports the shellfish are in great condition with big fat orange roes. As we move toward Christmas, things should improve further with the arrival of a few snapper and fish being in better condition.

Out over the bar things are continuing to fire on the snapper front, with the fish starting to move in closer and increasing in size. It has not been uncommon for people fishing their regular areas to be coming home with up to half-a-dozen fish around 4-5kg. The bigger fish are in full roe already, showing the lead-up to spawning is in full swing, with the water temperature increasing every week.

The 50-60m range is still producing the best fishing, although some anglers have been doing very well around the 30m mark, with reports of fish up to 8kg north of the bar towards Muriwai. In saying this, the fishing has been good both north and south, so it hasn’t really mattered which direction people have chosen to head.

There have been a few unusual catches lately: a couple of local anglers managed to pull in blue cod and john dory, which are a pretty rare occurrence out here.

Hopefully, in the next month the weather will come right and allow everyone to get out amongst the action.

Manukau by Ben Francis
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