Tauranga - November 2012

Damn westerlies!

Last updated 13:55 02/11/2012
tauranga nov12
Kingfish are on the go off Tauranga, with most being in the 15kg range.

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West and Sou'westerlies are keeping a few fishos at home, but on the plus side this whitebait season seems to be a beauty.

One local whitebaiter had the best two days since he was a kid, with 4.5kg one day and 10.8kg the next!
Trout fishing is in full swing, with some really nice fish being caught around the 4kg mark, but most are around 1.5kg.

Kingfish at Mayor, Penguin Shoals and Schooner Rocks have been on the go, with most in the 15kg range and one or two freight trains proving unstoppable; a big improvement on the previous month. Out wide some really large albacore have been caught under good gannet workups. The biggest of these fish weighed over 20kg, giving a great fight.

Again, the faithful old tarakihi have been our main recreational catch. While some days have been really fast and furious, others are painfully slow, with a number of moves required to get the tally up and avoid the barracouta, which are still a pain. The water temperature is now 16°C and the snapper caught are full of roe, so look out for some great catches in the harbour.

The Top Catch/Tauranga Gamefishing Club Heavy Metal Jigging Contest takes place on November 17-18, with entries filling fast and some great prizes up for grabs. This competition is in its third year and going from strength to strength, so look out for some tired and happy anglers by its end.

Scallops are still off the menu, with toxin levels remaining unsafe, but I wonder how many divers/dredgers have had a feed already with no ill effects. I have heard that the toxin can actually build up in your system, so if you are risking it and if eating many of these shellfish, be aware that you could get more than a little sick.

On a happier note, crayfish have now dropped their eggs, so apart from the odd soft shell to watch out for, most divers should come up smiling with full catch bags.


Tauranga by Russ Hawkins
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