Area Reports

West Coast - May 2013

Lake edges a good option

west coast small


The recent drought on the West Coast has made trout fishing difficult in the smaller rivers, but opened up opportunities for exploring larger rivers not normally easily accessed.

Wairarapa - May 2013

What a summer!

GRAHAM HOWARD - Fishing News

Everyone is crowing - with the exception of the cockies, who are really suffering now.

Hawkes Bay - May 2013

From tuna to red cod

BRUCE BASHER - Fishing News

With the warmer weather the country has been experiencing over the past month or two, water temperatures have remained high and the fish species caught have confirmed this.

West Coast Waikato - May 2013

Lures at the ready

CHRIS BUNGARD - Fishing News

West Coast fishing has been exceptional, with a lot of light wind and low swells.

Manukau - May 2013

Hot marlin bite

BEN FRANCIS - Fishing News

Easter passed, and due to a great period of weather there were plenty of people out on the water.

Whakatane - May 2013

Superb summer fishing

STU DAVIDSON - Fishing News

Some very respectable snapper are hitting the beach, along with some large kahawai, gurnard and trevally.

Far North - May 2013

Autumn late, but summer goes on and on

far north strap

STEVE RADICH - Fishing News

Crystal-clear cobalt blue water is right up the harbours - then turns into a pretty tropical turquoise as soon as it gets over the sand.

Cook Islands - May 2013

Monster marlin the highlight

WAYNE BARCLAY - Fishing News

The Salsa Cafe Fishing Competition was held over two days during Easter Weekend, with 14 boats taking part.

Canterbury - April 2013

Good month for flounder fishing


Cooler water and autumn flows often refresh many smaller coastal streams in April.

Gisborne - April 2013

Tournament produces big fish

ALAIN JORION - Fishing News

The Eastland Port Marlin and Tuna Contest once again demonstrated that Gisborne produces great fish.

Taupo - April 2013

Drought affects river fishing

STEVE BARRY - Fishing News

The drought has made things pretty tough for the river fishos in Taupo.

West Coast Waikato - April 2013

Feet first

CHRIS BUNGARD - Fishing News

Boats that specialise in game fishing are enjoying some good conditions and results.

Southern Hauraki Gulf - April 2013

Small fish a problem

EUGEN DE BRUYN - Fishing News

The Waitemata Harbour continues to produce schooling snapper, with the main problem being the high number of undersized fish.

Whangaroa - April 2013

Wind change brings billfish bite

BRIAN CANDY - Fishing News

Once the southeasterly winds changed, the marlin bite was on.

Niue Island - April 2013

Tuna on the bite

PAUL PASISI - Fishing News

Yellowfin tuna have been running and FADs - both inshore and more predominantly offshore - have been producing some excellent fish.

Canterbury - March 2013

Excellent salmon run


The outstanding salmon season continues, with good numbers of fish taken from rivers throughout the region.

Taranaki - March 2013

Bottom fishing heats up


The bottom fishing continues to improve for most areas in Taranaki.

Tauranga - March 2013

Marlin on the go

RUSS HAWKINS - Fishing News

There have been some nice blue and striped marlin seen and hooked, with a live skipjack being a near-sure bet and the good old Lumo Sprocket having some success, too.

West Coast Waikato - March 2013

Game fish galore!

CHRIS BUNGARD - Fishing News

The charter skippers out on the water every day allowable, Dwade Pinny (Clansman) and Dave Donald (Crazy Horse), can't remember marlin numbers like they're experiencing before.

Northern Hauraki Gulf - March 2013

Snapper patchy


There are still heaps of smaller snapper around the outer gulf, but the fishing has been better in the inner gulf - maybe not in size, but certainly in numbers.

Whangarei/Tutukaka - March 2013

Want a feed? Stay in the harbour!

JOHN VOWLESS - Fishing News

The harbour fishing is running hot, with good numbers of nice snapper in top condition.

Tonga - March 2013

Big yellowfin don't show


Tonga has managed to avoid the worst of the cyclonic conditions so far.

Nelson/Marlborough - February 2013

Kingfish firing up

TONY ORMAN - Fishing News

Kingfish are firing up in Tasman and Golden Bays, as well as around the Marlborough Sounds.

Hawkes Bay - February 2013

A kingfish Christmas

BRUCE BASHER - Fishing News

The more settled weather and sea conditions have seen shore and boat anglers enjoying an increase in fish catches.

Rotorua - February 2013

Warm water tactics

STEVE SMITH - Fishing News

Jigging and stream-mouth fly fishing are the main techniques for February - if the forecasts hold true.

West Coast Waikato - February 2013

Gamefish start to arrive

CHRIS BUNGARD - Fishing News

The snapper season has generally been a good one.

Manukau - February 2013

Pelagics start to move in

BEN FRANCIS - Fishing News

The water temperatures have been increasing consistently into January, which saw the annual arrival of mako sharks and albacore.

Bay of Islands - February 2013

Early blue marlin catches

GEOFF STONE - Fishing News

The game fishing season started with a bang on January 2 with blue marlin caught from boats fishing out of Tutukaka and Whangaroa.

Vanuatu - February 2013

Billfish on the bite


The marlin fishing is red hot at the moment, and we are all now looking to the Vanuatu Marlin Classic, which starts on May 31 and runs for a week.

Canterbury - January 2013

Salmon in the surf


January is the top month for elephant fish in Canterbury as these fish feed close inshore.

Whakatane - January 2013

Patience is the key

STU DAVIDSON - Fishing News

The snapper fishing remains a hot and cold affair.

Northern Hauraki Gulf - January 2013

'Goldfish' move in


There will soon be hordes of juvenile snapper throughout the gulf, picking baits off the hook and taking the tails off soft-baits.

Whangaroa - January 2013

Signs of summer

BRIAN CANDY - Fishing News

The kings are on the small size, with some big ones amongst them, and some of the bigger ones are full of paper nautilus; these creatures are usually in fairly warm water, and get targeted by all types of pelagic fish.

Vanuatu - January 2013

Big GTs up north


Lots of drizzly weather, some windy days and just a little slower fishing action than usual have made for a tough month.

Canterbury - December 2012

Great fishing for sea-run trout


Outstanding sea-run trout up to 3kg have been caught in Lake Forsyth, and as the lake warms up the trout are likely to move into Little River.

Gisborne - December 2012

Patience is a virtue

ALAIN JORION - Fishing News

Fishing has been good and bad, with most boats going to South Rocks for a feed of tarakihi.

Taupo - December 2012

Harling hard to beat

STEVE BARRY - Fishing News

Some very hot days at the end of last month produced a really good beetle hatch.

Manukau - December 2012

Kingfish arrival anticipated

BEN FRANCIS - Fishing News

Persistent winds have limited opportunities for people to get out in the harbour and over the bar.

Waihi & Whangamata - December 2012

Whitebait and wind

LLEW JONES - Fishing News

Whitebait catches have been the best in our area for some time.

Whangaroa - December 2012

Fishing hit and miss

BRIAN CANDY - Fishing News

The month just gone by has seen hard fishing - when you could get out - but with waters warming, the fishing should be picking up.

Vanuatu - December 2012

When fish attack


The winds have been shifting through 360° over the month, but overall the fishing has been very consistent.

West Coast - November 2012

The 'white gold' rush is on!

west coast small


Early November often sees some of the best whitebait runs on the Coast as the water warms up.

Gisborne - November 2012

It ain't what it used to be

ALAIN JORION - Fishing News

East coast swells have continued to hamper fishing all winter.

Whakatane - November 2012

Spring fishing at its best

STU DAVIDSON - Fishing News

The winds have predictably curtailed many early-spring fishing opportunities.

Eastern Coromandel - November 2012

Tarakihi in good numbers

MARTY BOWERS - Fishing News

The weather has restricted most fishers to close-in or land-based fishing the majority of the time.

Southern Hauraki Gulf - November 2012

Snapper schools moving in

EUGEN DE BRUYN - Fishing News

We have kicked off the snapper-schooling season with a good start from some of the traditional grounds out in the middle areas of the gulf.

Far North - November 2012

'The Ninety' fires early

STEVE RADICH - Fishing News

Club members were rewarded with some great snapper and trevally while fishing at their most recent Ninety Mile Club field-day.

Vanuatu - November 2012

Red-hot marlin action!


The month of September has produced the best marlin fishing I can recall in a long time.

Hawkes Bay - October 2012

Snapper on their way

BRUCE BASHER - Fishing News

The slow improvement in the weather has been very welcome.

Tauranga - October 2012

Scallops off limits

RUSS HAWKINS - Fishing News

The scallop season opened on September 1, but then we were told the toxin levels are not safe, so now we wait; this sometimes lasts some months.