Waikato Coromandel

West Coast Waikato - September 2014

Southwest Reef still firing

CHRIS BUNGARD - Fishing News

With spring just around the corner now, we can soon expect an influx of snapper schools moving inshore to build condition in preparation for spawning.

Waihi/Whangamata - September 2014

Kingfish surprise!

LLEW JONES - Fishing News

This time of year doesn’t usually produce good catches of kingfish – but this year’s an exception.

Freshwater Waikato - May 2013

Water in reasonable shape despite drought

JOHN MURPHY - Fishing News

Water temperatures in the Waikato are still up and the drought is still very real - however, all of that is likely to change soon.

Waihi/Whangamata - May 2013

The good, the bad and the seasick

LLEW JONES - Fishing News

Easterly and southeasterly winds have predominated.

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