Eastern Coromandel - May 2012

Rena debris a hazard

Last updated 11:43 17/05/2012

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As if the persistent easterly storms restricting fishing haven't been enough to contend with, we now have the debris in the water from the wreck of the Rena.

The beaches loaded up with all sorts of rubbish over Easter, but the worst is the plastic bags that are out there on the water in huge numbers, just waiting to block water intakes on motors. Also present out there now are sacks floating just under the surface. Unfortunately, this debris could be with us for a long while. Salvagers are quick to let us know that they are the owners of everything, but I wonder if they'll be as quick to claim ownership when some of their 'property' damages somebody's boat?

The fishing has been excellent when weather permits, and should continue on through early winter. Pannie snapper are everywhere on the sand and shallow foul, and kontiki fishers are doing very well off the beaches.

Gurnard are starting to show up on the sand, too.

Out on the reefs there are some very large trevs being caught, with flasher rigs bringing the most success.

These great fish are up the estuaries in good numbers as well.

Not much to report from out wide, mainly because no one can get out there for more than a quick look, but the water temps are still up and there is plenty of bait still around, so don't hang up the big gear just yet.


Eastern Coromandel by Marty Bowers
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