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Tackle Talk - August 2013

It is without doubt the spin-fisher surfcaster's biggest irritation.

Ten tips for the upcoming trout fishing season

Peter Langlands draws on his comprehensive experience to provide Mainland anglers with his key tips and tricks for the new season – and North Island fishers can learn plenty from this feature, too!



What’s on the menu?

Adam Clancey, fisherman, TV presenter and foodie, offers a few tips to help us make the most of our catch.

ADAM CLANCEY - Fishing News

Usually, after any successful outing, or come to that, any conversation involving fishing, the discussion turns to favourite eating fish and their preparation. This is a really good topic, especially as there is greater awareness these days regarding treating your catch with respect and making sure it is as valued for food is it is for sport.

Lament of a Tongariro angler

Herb Spannagl goes back a long way with the Tongariro River, so shares some of his thoughts on the current state of affairs affecting this world-famous waterway.

HERB SPANNAGL - Fishing News

This this is my 34th year of fishing the Tongariro River, I am reasonably qualified to reflect on the recent changes to this great river from an angler’s perspective.

Nice moves!

A soft-plastic lure endowed with its own intrinsic movement can prove too attractive for even the fussiest fish to ignore – Mark Kitteridge explains…


I’ll always remember the first time I used a soft-plastic lure with a wiggly tail. It was 35 years ago and I was on Mangonui Wharf with kingfish smashing baitfish over a 50-square-metre area in front of it. I didn’t have a live bait though, and with all the mackerel locked into survival mode, I wasn’t likely to get one – but did have a 15kg land-based outfit armed with a relatively large Mister Twister ‘Sassy Shad’ lure. This was lobbed to the edge of the watery carnage, and upon beginning its descent, mobile tail wriggling enticingly, I watched in fascinated excitement as several kingfish followed it down, jostling one another eagerly. 

Tackle Test - Straight Up rod racks

For anyone owning more than a couple of rods, where a few nails in the garage wall will no longer suffice, storing your favourite fishing tackle can be a pain.

Marine Electronics - Fish-finder basics

The following email from Raewyn Manuel is typical of many requests from NZ Fishing News readers when it comes to understanding marine electronics.

Tackle Tests - Jigging machines

Technology - Big-hearted middleweights

Something Fishy - Leopard chimaera

A rare leopard chimaera has been caught in a canyon on the northeastern coast.

Tackle test

The name Fin-Nor is linked to the pioneering days of big game fishing.

Something Fishy - Bluefinned butterfish

Something Fishy - Red Mullet

Something Fishy - Blackbelly lantern shark

Lantern sharks are a group of deep-water dogfishes usually only seen as trawler by-catch, but one was recently caught on rod and line.

Without one, you're going nowhere!

Trailers – without them boat-based anglers are going nowhere, yet they tend to be a neglected part of our equipment.

Extreme Game King 700 - NZFN Project Boat

When setting up a new boat, it’s often the smaller things that make a difference to its ‘fishability’ and enjoyment.

Setting up for sportfishing

Extreme Game King 700 - NZFN Project Boat

Haines Signature 485SF

The name Haines is an icon in the boating industries, both in New Zealand and Australia, and John Haines Senior’s ground-breaking early Haines Hunter designs commanded great respect.


At Christmas time, with family members sprawling around tables groaning with calories, declarations are made to get fit, trim down and spend more time fishing.

Fish Science - Old Man Snapper

In November 2007, a snapper taken from New Zealand’s West Coast North Island stock (SNA 8) was later aged at 60 years, one of oldest ever encountered in fisheries research assessing the length and age composition of commercial catches.

Fair Chase - Back to basics tenting

Land Based Fishing

Far North dreaming

Five in the morning at Spirits Bay and we were having coffee and Weetbix; after enduring 16 hours behind the wheel from Wellington it was good to finally be going fishing.

Saltwater Technique

For a long time I wished for more variety in the inshore sportfish species available in New Zealand waters.

Offshore Adventure - Variety is the spice of life

One of the great things about fishing in Vanuatu is the variety of locations, opportunities and species on offer.

Offshore Adventure - Aussie LBG Trifecta

What's your favourite game lure?

A beginners guide to jigging - PART 1

I guess by now most people will have seen, heard, read about or even given mechanical jigging a go.

A touch of the Irish

Pat O’Keefe’s quiet voice issued from just behind my left shoulder, reminding me I should strike.

When Trout go Doggo

Trout can be totally unresponsive to flies or any other potential food; they just sit in the one place for hours on end.

Fishing weedbanks

Fishing to sighted trout

Salmon Fishing - February 2009

Time and tide wait for no man, particularly a salmon fisherman.

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