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Tackle Test - Straight Up rod racks

For anyone owning more than a couple of rods, where a few nails in the garage wall will no longer suffice, storing your favourite fishing tackle can be a pain.

Marine Electronics - Fish-finder basics

Fishing News

The following email from Raewyn Manuel is typical of many requests from NZ Fishing News readers when it comes to understanding marine electronics.

Tackle Tests - Jigging machines

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The lures look neat, the necessary tackle's shiny, downright radical and constantly evolving, and anglers must be strong, fit or mentally driven to survive the longer sessions.

Technology - Big-hearted middleweights

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Responding to demand for lighter, snappier and more fuel-efficient outboards in the middle part of their horsepower range, Suzuki has introduced a trio of four-cylinder, four-stroke engines based around a new 1500cc block.

New Gulp! 'chooks'

Tackle Test

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Probably the best-known (and, consequently, the best-selling) soft-bait colour scheme is Berkley’s Gulp! ‘Nuclear Chicken’.

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