Haines Signature 485SF

Trailer Boat Trials

SAM MOSSMAN - SEPT 09 - Fishing News

The name Haines is an icon in the boating industries, both in New Zealand and Australia, and John Haines Senior’s ground-breaking early Haines Hunter designs commanded great respect.

Without one, you're going nowhere!

Extreme Game King 400 - NZFN Project Boat

GRANT DIXON - AUGUST 2009 - Fishing News

Trailers – without them boat-based anglers are going nowhere, yet they tend to be a neglected part of our equipment.

Extreme Game King 700 - NZFN Project Boat

It's the little things the count

GRANT DIXON - JULY 2009 - Fishing News

When setting up a new boat, it’s often the smaller things that make a difference to its ‘fishability’ and enjoyment.

Setting up for sportfishing

NZFN project boat - Senator RCC500

SAM MOSSMAN - Fishing News

For a number of years, Fishing News has run a pair of project boats: a large hardtop trailer boat and a smaller centre-console.

Extreme Game King 700 - NZFN Project Boat

Twin rig offers peace of mind

GRANT DIXON - JUNE 2009 - Fishing News

Choosing the right power options for a boat is a critical decision.

Extreme Game King 700 - The Electronics

Setting up for sportfishing

GRANT DIXON - APRIL 2009 - Fishing News

A project boat, such as our Extreme Game King 700, is also used by many of the magazine’s partners as a floating showcase for their top-of-the-range products.

Extreme Game king 700

GRANT DIXON - MARCH 2009 - Fishing News

Setting up for sportfishing in a new magazine boat

Trailerboat Trials - February 2009

New Horizons for Fyran


The plan was to take two brand-new Fyrans – a 595 Pursuit HT and a 595 Horizon (the subject of this review) – for a decent run, swapping between them as the morning progressed, and stopping here and there for a bit of soft-plastcs fishing.

Surtees 7.3 Game Fisher

Trailerboat Trials

Fishing News

Surtees Boats is based in the rural Bay of Plenty near Whakatane.

Extreme 700 Game King

Trailerboat Trials

Fishing News

Glenn and Diane Shaw bought Extreme Boats Ltd about eight years ago.

Shimano Stabi-Craft 659SC

Setting up for Sportfishing

Fishing News

In the tackle trade, if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

FLIR makes night trips easier

Technology Review

Fishing News

Night vision aids have been around for a long time.

Image Fishmaster 8.5m

Trailerboat Trials

Fishing News

Dean Wilkes started building boats 24 years ago in Australia before returning to Invercargill to continue in the field.

Kiwi-Kraft 505 Fisherman

Trailerboat trials

Fishing News

Kiwi-Kraft founder and director Rodney Harris is a Southlander who enjoys diving, hunting and fishing in the southern ocean, lakes and high country.

Dickey Semifly 28

Trailerboat Trials

Fishing News

Every now and then a boatbuilder comes along who approaches hull design and construction from a different direction, and Napier-based Jason Dickey is one of them.

Quick look - F1 Offshore

What do you get for $50K?

Fishing News

It's been a while since I've done a boat test, so was a little out of touch with the going rates for trailer boats.
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