Haines Signature 485SF

Trailer Boat Trials

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The name Haines is an icon in the boating industries, both in New Zealand and Australia, and John Haines Senior’s ground-breaking early Haines Hunter designs commanded great respect.

Without one, you're going nowhere!

Extreme Game King 400 - NZFN Project Boat

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Trailers – without them boat-based anglers are going nowhere, yet they tend to be a neglected part of our equipment.

Extreme Game King 700 - NZFN Project Boat

It's the little things the count

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When setting up a new boat, it’s often the smaller things that make a difference to its ‘fishability’ and enjoyment.

Setting up for sportfishing

NZFN project boat - Senator RCC500

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For a number of years, Fishing News has run a pair of project boats: a large hardtop trailer boat and a smaller centre-console.

Extreme Game King 700 - NZFN Project Boat

Twin rig offers peace of mind

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Choosing the right power options for a boat is a critical decision.

Extreme Game King 700 - The Electronics

Setting up for sportfishing

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A project boat, such as our Extreme Game King 700, is also used by many of the magazine’s partners as a floating showcase for their top-of-the-range products.

Extreme Game king 700

GRANT DIXON - MARCH 2009 - © Fairfax NZ News

Setting up for sportfishing in a new magazine boat

Trailerboat Trials - February 2009

New Horizons for Fyran


The plan was to take two brand-new Fyrans – a 595 Pursuit HT and a 595 Horizon (the subject of this review) – for a decent run, swapping between them as the morning progressed, and stopping here and there for a bit of soft-plastcs fishing.

Surtees 7.3 Game Fisher

Trailerboat Trials

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Surtees Boats is based in the rural Bay of Plenty near Whakatane.

Extreme 700 Game King

Trailerboat Trials

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Glenn and Diane Shaw bought Extreme Boats Ltd about eight years ago.

Shimano Stabi-Craft 659SC

Setting up for Sportfishing

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In the tackle trade, if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

FLIR makes night trips easier

Technology Review

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Night vision aids have been around for a long time.

Image Fishmaster 8.5m

Trailerboat Trials

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Dean Wilkes started building boats 24 years ago in Australia before returning to Invercargill to continue in the field.

Kiwi-Kraft 505 Fisherman

Trailerboat trials

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Kiwi-Kraft founder and director Rodney Harris is a Southlander who enjoys diving, hunting and fishing in the southern ocean, lakes and high country.

Dickey Semifly 28

Trailerboat Trials

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Every now and then a boatbuilder comes along who approaches hull design and construction from a different direction, and Napier-based Jason Dickey is one of them.

Quick look - F1 Offshore

What do you get for $50K?

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It's been a while since I've done a boat test, so was a little out of touch with the going rates for trailer boats.