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Last updated 16:18 05/06/2008

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If it is something to do with angling and sportfishing craft, NZ Fishing News, the country's largest marine magazine, will have it covered.

Boasting a contributing team of the country's finest fishing writers, NZ Fishing News covers all angling disciplines from the bottom of the South Island to the tip of the North Island and beyond into the Pacific.

Editor: Grant Dixon
Assistant Editor: Mark Kitteridge
Special Projects Editor: Sam Mossman
Advertising Manager: Brett Patterson
General Manager: Stephen Lowe
Publishing Executive: Tania McGillivray
Brand Manager: Georgina Cleave

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NZ Fishing News is published by Fairfax Magazines, a division of Fairfax Media. 

Fairfax Magazines, 274 Church Street, Penrose, PO Box 12965, Penrose, Auckland.

Fairfax Media, 2 Hereford St, Freemans Bay, Auckland.

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