DIY - February 2012

Last updated 11:39 06/02/2012
The rods are stored parallel to the kayak’s gunwales, protecting them to a far greater degree than if in vertical holders, should the kayak be rolled in the surf.
This addition to the insulated rear cover allows rods to be stowed horizontally when negotiating a surf break off the beach.

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No more broken rods!


Kayak fishing is my passion, and over the last few years I have broken and lost a fair bit of gear in the surf – part of the price for enjoying sport off the beach, I guess.


My goal at the beginning was to get in successfully and then master one-metre waves. Now the goal is to overcome two-metre waves – and that is going to take a bit more practice.


I take out between two and four rods when I go fishing, and to get these stowed away safely I have adapted my insulated rear cover. When sewing the fabric tubes in place, I used a piece of rope to provide a good ‘frame’ to the rod-tube entrance. If using your partner’s sewing machine, make sure you source some needles for sewing leather. These have cutting tips and will give you a better chance of getting through the plastic-coated canvas.


This cover has recently been ‘rod tested’ with four rods in 1.7 metres of surf. I made it in 75% of the way, but still need to learn to transfer my weight and start paddling when the energy of the wave dissipates. The kayak overturned in the surf, and when I righted it, everything was still in place (in the photo I have neoprene bags covering the reels to keep the sand out).

–Shelley Bradish-Cooney


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