Soft-plastic lead-heads

Last updated 11:16 15/12/2008
The home-made jig heads are simple but effective.

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Sitting in the Man Cave in the depths of winter with 40 knots outside, mulling over the cost of things, we came up with this idea.

We fish soft-plastic lures; the Jigstar heads with the free-swinging hooks have been really good for us, but we’ve been frustrated by them not coming in lighter weights when fishing the shallows.

Then, upon looking at a box full of round sinkers from the dark old days of straylining, we got a brainwave.

Start by drilling out the sinker while it’s held in a vice. Next, cut a slot in the side through to the hole with a hack saw, take it out of the vice, clip the worm hook onto a Genie Clip and insert it into the slot. Place the whole thing on a firm surface and smack it with a hammer. Bewdy!

They work a treat and cost bugger all.

Phil Josephs - November 2008 - Fishing News

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