Biggest bass ever?

Last updated 14:21 06/08/2012
biggest bass
Best 'guestimates' of this bass, caught by Brendan Egan near the King Bank aboard Charge d Affair, put the fish at over 100kg.

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With perfect seas during a trip to the King Bank on the first day of this year's NZSFC Nationals, the team aboard Charge d Affair came across a small pinnacle that they thought worthy of further investigation.

So skipper Robbie Auckett decided to stop and have a drift over the pin, more out of curiosity than anything else, as they was very little fish sign showing. Besides, at 120 metres it was not too deep, so a couple of 24kg braid 'puka rigs were dropped over the side.

Soon after touching down though, Hokitika angler Brendan Egan had his bait hoovered up, and after a mighty struggle he managed to bring a huge bass to the surface.

"I had never seen such a big fish before, and it took three of us to get it aboard," Robbie says.

"We had a number of experienced fishermen such as John Batterton and Bruce McKay look at it, and the common consensus put the fish's weight at over 100kg."

However, because it was the first of a multi-day trip to the Three Kings, the fish was filleted out, leaving only 'guestimates' as to its true weight.

"Regardless of that, it was a bloody big fish, and certainly produced plenty of tucker for all concerned," Robbie says.

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