Diving the Aldermen

The coastal road just past Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsula should be classed as a driving hazard.

ITM Fishing Show - August 2013

Now that's a big fish!

Kiwis go troppo in Samoa

Reader Story

BRAD PINCH - Fishing News

Recently I was privileged to take a trip with five mates to the amazing fishing location that is Samoa.

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NZ Fishing News   July 2013

ITM Fishing Show - May 2013

"Ten years! Really?" is the typical reaction to the news that we're entering the tenth series of The ITM Fishing Show, and I can understand the disbelief because I feel the same way. Over two hundred episodes later it still feels like we're just a little number eight wire television production company trying to mix it with the big boys in the television industry - and I guess we are.

The ITM Fishing Show - a KIWI Favourite

It will come as no surprise to readers to hear The ITM Fishing Show made it to the top three of the annual TV Guide's 'Best on the Box' competition.

Inflatable marlin!

Monster snapper caught - and released!

Micro slow-jigging

Like most fishing innovations, slow-jigging took a while to catch on in New Zealand, but in the summer just gone, slow-jigs seemed to be everywhere.

Chosing a camera

Shooting underwater video has never been as cheap and accessible as it is now.

Magical memories in Mackenzie Country

Jetting around mid-winter

Tackle Talk - August 2013

It is without doubt the spin-fisher surfcaster's biggest irritation.

DIY - August 2013

One place I do a bit of surfcasting has large stones on the beach. It is a great snapper spot, probably due to the fact there are mussels and oysters on the stones as well.

Wildfoods - May 2013

Moroccan BBQ Trevally

Wildfoods - April 2013

DIY - April 2013

Wildfoods - August 2013

Three-egg smoked trout omelette

When fair is foul

Hover through the fog and filthy air, chant the witches as they await the arrival of Macbeth in Shakespeare's tragedy of that name.

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Southern Bluefin Tuna


Blue shark

A common pelagic shark with world-wide distribution, blue sharks are common in New Zealand offshore waters right around the coast. They are easily recognizable by their bright blue colour and long slender body , with over-length pectoral fins.

West Coast - May 2013

west coast small The recent drought on the West Coast has made trout fishing difficult in the smaller rivers, but opened up opportunities for exploring larger rivers not normally easily accessed.

Wairarapa - May 2013

Everyone is crowing - with the exception of the cockies, who are really suffering now.

Hawkes Bay - May 2013

West Coast Waikato - May 2013

Far North - May 2013

Crystal-clear cobalt blue water is right up the harbours - then turns into a pretty tropical turquoise as soon as it gets over the sand.


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