Diego Maraotter shapes up for round of 16

02:47, Jun 27 2014
Otter pics
Otter pics
ALWAYS ALERT: Maraotter has been honing his skills of observation ahead of the World Cup playoffs.
Otter pics
SURPRISE: Maraotter blends in with his surroundings in an attempt to confuse the competition... is that an otter or another tree?
Otter pics
HA: It's me, Maraotter.
Otter pics
HIS GROUND: No-one takes Maraotter's winning turf.
Otter pics
ITCHING TO GET GOING: Maraotter laughs to himself, thinking the competition are but mere fleas.

Diego Maraotter is leaving nothing to chance; no hand of God moments for him.

Our football pundit has spent the past week in training for the football World Cup playoffs, starting Sunday (see the above video).

Maraotter, eschewing all relations with his Wag, said he was determined to build on his picks lead (6-5) over football writers Tony Smith and Sam Worthington.

He had been studying the methods of world beaters like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Rocky Balboa.

"I have been doing a lot of running up steps and raising my paws aloft. I just wish I had a pair of grey tracksuit pants like Rocky. Those things are sexy time."

Maraotter said his Wellington Zoo trainer had been ensuring his diet was of the highest quality.

"The playoffs will not be my Babylon. Alexander failed to learn his food lesson - it killed him, obviously."

He said Worthington and Smith had spent too much time sitting on their tuffs, relying on their so-called experience.

"I'm going to channel that marauder Genghis and they will feel the wrath of Khan," he said, without even the hint of a smirk.

* We will feature Maraotter, Smith and Worthington's picks for the Brazil vs Chile match tomorrow.