Diego Maraotter guaranteed to keep lead

01:46, Jun 28 2014
Otter pics
Otter pics
ALWAYS ALERT: Maraotter has been honing his skills of observation ahead of the World Cup playoffs.
Otter pics
SURPRISE: Maraotter blends in with his surroundings in an attempt to confuse the competition... is that an otter or another tree?
Otter pics
HA: It's me, Maraotter.
Otter pics
HIS GROUND: No-one takes Maraotter's winning turf.
Otter pics
ITCHING TO GET GOING: Maraotter laughs to himself, thinking the competition are but mere fleas.

Twice he has ignored Brazil and twice it has cost him - Diego Maraotter has learnt his lesson.

After a week-long hiatus, Diego Maraotter was straight out of his pen and confident in picking Brazil to triumph over Chile at the Football World Cup tomorrow.

So sure was he that he even hazarded a casual little swagger across a rock before darting towards the Brazilian flag.

He could not even be put off when his WAG came bounding over, urging him to pick Chile.

Diego simply responded with a dismissive sniff.

Though he currently leads his pundit rivals, our football writers Sam Worthington and Tony Smith, 6-5 they were bullish about their future chances.

Worthington is also picking Brazil, and reckons with Neymar in full flight and an entire nation urging them on, the hosts should prevail in an attacking game.

Ditto Smith, who is following the crowd and picking a 2-1 Brazil victory.

They won't be catching Maraotter yet.