Twitter reaction to Brazil vs Germany semifinal

21:59, Jul 08 2014

Twitter has exploded with stunned reactions to Germany's unfolding blitzkrieg on Brazil in the FIFA World Cup semifinal. 


The only person wearing yellow tomorrow will be the leader of the Tour de France. #BRAvGER

Well there is something to be said for German efficiency, but... #BRAGER


Germany scored three goals in three minutes. What is this, a basketball game? #BrazilvsGermany

#BRA seriously needs to call a time out. And a commercial break. And the army. #BRAGER #WorldCup

It's target practice... Brazil has been exposed. #GermanyVSBrazil

"If this were boxing, the referee would be stopping it to save Brazil from further punishment." -- Ian Darke. #BRAvsGER

They are scoring faster than I can type 140 characters. #BRAvsGER

5 goals in the first 30 minutes. All from Germany.

These Brazil players can sing their anthem as loud as they want. They've shown no heart on the pitch where it really mattered #BRAGER

C’mon Germany, this match is getting boring, there hasn’t been a goal for MINUTES now. #BRAGER

Too many WWII jokes; not nearly enough Hasselhoff videos. #BRAGER

I would be genuinely worried about rioting if I were in this stadium #BRAGER #WorldCup

BREAKING: Human rights organisations are calling for a stop to the Germany v Brazil game due to its cruelty to the Brazilian people. #BRAGER

"Harry Potter and the Stadium of Broken Dreams" #brager

Can we see the shot of the little kid crying again? Because that was actually less heartbreaking than what's happening on the pitch. #BRAGER

This is apocalypse of soccer. Day of reckoning. #BRAGER

I suspect the Brazilians mentioned the war before the game. #brager #WorldCup2014

It feels like you are looking forward to reading a thriller and somebody tells you the ending after reading just 5 pages #BRAGER

Booing their team off at half-time. Best Fans In The World. #BRAGER

New drinking game: have a stiff drink for each German in Brazil's area. You win if you survive the alcoholic coma (via @rafarigues) #brager

Ok, it's getting kind of boring now. It's like 15 minutes without a goal for Germany. Run you lazy millionaires, run! #WorldCup2014 #BRAGER

Come on half-time. If I go to the loo, Germany will score again #jiggles #BRAGER

In the meantime… high on mountain, somewhere in Brasil…. #BraGer #bradui

What the hell does the Brazilian coach even say at halftime? Guarantee that guy is already updating his resume and selling house #BRAGER

And, as usual, the UN remains inactive in yet another massacre. #WorldCup2014 #BRAGER

It's ok - I've seen this before. After the break Brazil will come out wearing mighty duck uniforms and win! #BRAGER #CakeEaters

Home advantage is when you can take the bus home. #BRAGER

Sending my 10 year old brother down to Brazil to go replace Brazil's defense #BRAGER

Someone needs to run into the Brazilian locker room and shout: "Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!" #BRAGER #WorldCup

...and the worst thing is: German attitude dictates that Germans now say: "okay, but they are going to lose the final now" #brager #wtf

Half-time break extended by five minutes to allow pundits around the world to analyse the first half. #WorldCup #BRAGER

I was choosing a password for my notebook; I tried BrazilDefence, but apparently it was to weak... #brager

Don't think all the camels, octopuses or elephants together could have predicted this score at half time. #BRAGER

Germany are the fat kid in lederhosen, Brazil the Black Forest Gateau #BRAGER

When people asked me if Germany would win - and I said Nein.. It wasn't a No - it was a score prediction #BrazilvsGermany #BRAGER

Casual abuse from a random Brazil fan, she'll have a busy night going through the hashtags trolling every Germany supporter. #BRAGER

I'd tell the Brazilians to fight, but that would probably just involve cartwheels and rhythmic stepping. #BRAGER

MT @SamBorden: never thought I'd say this: Brazilian fans leaving, before halftime, of a #WorldCup semifinal in their home country. #BRAGER

if youre not tweeting about #BRAGER then go away pls


I thought this was funny until now, but that old man cuddling a trophy broke my heart. #BRAGER

Jesus didn't die for this. #BRAGER

Had no supper yet but not moving to the kitchen! One cuppatea and a digestive biscuit will have to last until this match is over ;) #BRAGER

RT @lourdesgnavarro: By the way folks, this is going to turn political really fast. People here are already blaming the government #BRAGER

that columbian player who kicked Neymar in the back, better get's a new face... or the brazilians will burn and eat him... #BRAGER

I don't know which is more disconcerting: sad Brazilians or happy Germans. #BRAGER

#WorldCup #BRAGER "@NBCNewsPictures: Anguished Brazil Fans React to Germany Domination in World Cup semifinals"

Even Oscar Pistorius... RT @GusTheFox: Oscar Pistorius has a better defence than Brazil #BRAGER

That Oscar goal was a small consolation.. like putting a cold towel on a nuclear holocaust. #BRAGER #WorldCup

I thought getting a Brazilian was meant to be painful, looks like getting a Germany would hurt even more #BRAGER