New All Whites coach Hudson means business

17:00, Aug 09 2014
Anthony Hudson
ANTHONY HUDSON: "I'll be in Auckland, I need somewhere near the office and somewhere near the beach for the dog."

Anthony Hudson went through the interview process to get the job as the new All Whites boss, but how will he cope being grilled by BackChat?

Hello Anthony. Welcome to BackChat - and welcome to New Zealand.

Thanks, I'm excited. I just want to get started now.

You arrived in the country last weekend, was that a complete move for you?

It wasn't a full-on move no. I've just come over and now it's a case of looking for a house and my dog coming over at the end of the month. The first few days have been very good and the people have been very welcoming.

Whereabouts in New Zealand will you be based?


I'll be in Auckland, I need somewhere near the office and somewhere near the beach for the dog.

It's extremely rare to be on your second international management job at 33. What are your thoughts about your age and experience?

If you read the papers the last few days it will say my age. But the reality is I've probably got more experience as a coach than managers of 45 years of age. I've been coaching now for 10 years and really working hard, trying to accelerate what I'm doing, I've gone all over the place and studied. In coaches age, I'm not young.

Harry Redknapp has described you as a young Jose Mourinho. What is your relationship like there?

Harry is just someone who I am very, very grateful for supporting me and giving me opportunities. He's always on the other end of the phone for advice. His experience is something I draw from all the time, but he's not the only one. I've got many people who have supported me. In reference to my time at Tottenham Hotspur it was a long time ago and it's not something I spend too much time thinking about. I'm my own man and don't want to be anyone else.

How much of a step up is the All Whites job and what made you want to resign from Bahrain for it?

It feels like a natural progression. For how I work, the way I want to do things, the resources I want to use, the support we need and mentality - everything I feel is important to really make the most of it - is here with the All Whites job. The ambition is huge. All I'm concerned [about] is improving football in this country and making people happy.

Do you know any of the All Whites players? Have you had a chance to talk to any of them?

I've had a very good conversation with Winston Reid. As well as Andy Martin and Fred de Jong doing their due diligence on me, I've been doing the same. I've wanted to find out about them as much as possible.

You've made it clear you want to take the All Whites back to the World Cup, how will you do it?

I will do whatever it takes. What is clear is that I will need to be incredibly resourceful. Clubs and players need to be looked after and there needs to be good communication between all concerned. I will be going around the country meeting people and making sure the right things are being done. Relationships will be key. I certainly don't want to come in and judge players on the past. I will have no pre-conceived judgements. People will be met, their point of view will be heard and listened to. Everyone has a chance, young and senior players.

Have you any plans on a coaching team?

Neil Emblen will be working with me as an assistant. I won't be bringing anyone in. I just want to see as much as I can and be hands on, but also a couple of steps back, watching and observing staff and players.

Neil Emblen will be staying on as assistant All Whites coach. To clarify, is that permanent?

Just like with the players, let's see how it goes. I've heard great things about Neil, and what I don't want is to change anything, or anyone, that doesn't need changing. The players like him, he knows New Zealand very, very well and I need that. He's crucial for the national team, he's going to be someone I lean on a lot.

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