Davor Tavich to see out season with Tasman United following coach Richard Anderson's exit

Head coach Richard Anderson has parted ways with Tasman United.

Head coach Richard Anderson has parted ways with Tasman United.

Richard Anderson lost the dressing room and it resulted in his demise.

Tasman United have confirmed that they have parted ways with their foundation coach after discovering through social media that he was back in England.

Davor Tavich, who began the Stirling Sports Premiership as Tasman's assistant coach, will now see out the final three games as head coach.

Davor Tavich has taken over from Richard Anderson as Tasman United coach.

Davor Tavich has taken over from Richard Anderson as Tasman United coach.

After taking Tasman through 13 rounds of the team's inaugural season, Anderson was suddenly relieved of his first team duties two days out from the Waitakere United game on February 5. Tavich subsequently took over on a temporary basis.

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The decision, made by Nelson Bays Football general manager Clive Beaumont, came after Anderson failed to attend a meeting scheduled by his employer to discuss "issues" within the team after the playing group lost faith in their coach's direction as they sat bottom of the table.

It is understood that players were becoming increasingly frustrated by Anderson's persistence with a 3-5-2 system, where players were frequently deployed out of position and continued to concede soft goals. There was also a lack of communication when players were not included in the match day squad.

It is understood that reshuffling the coaching team was one suggestion that was going to be presented to Anderson.

Beaumont said he was baffled that they have not been able to speak directly with Anderson since he was relieved of his first team duties, communication throughout the past week going through his lawyer instead.

"He [Anderson] left and returned to England to pursue other opportunities," Beaumont said.

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"We felt there needed to be something done in terms of changes. The club is always looking to progress matters and improve matters, we were going to be proposing something quite different than this eventuality but then having asked him to come to a meeting ... when he failed to turn up we could not resolve it in any way that we would have wanted to do, so therefore we have parted company.

"That's what has been baffling about it, that there hasn't been a discussion like there usually would be in this situation between Nelson Bays Football and Richard Anderson.

"We contracted Richard for a purpose and Nelson Bays Football wishes to speak to him about that, about his role, but we haven't been able to do so."

Beaumont denied that Anderson was going to be sacked at the meeting but confirmed that a potential coaching reshuffle was going to be put forward for discussion.

Goalkeeper coach Tom Fawdry resigned two days after the Waitakere game, which he did not travel to.

Beaumont said Tavich has made a positive start since taking over and hoped that good form would continue with just three games left in the season.

"It's certainly a different team that seems to be out there, that's for sure, and we saw that on Sunday. It's not just the fact they won, it's the way they played and the way they functioned as a team," he said.

"The performances on the park have certainly proved a point and let's hope it continues for three games and hope all the players that we wish to retain, and all the players that are performing now, want to come back and have a good go of it at Tasman United in the next season."

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