Fifa World Cup: Maraotter picks Uruguay

Diego Maraotter may be on a downward spiral after he failed to pick the latest match-winner for the second time in a row.

After giving Croatia an embittered no confidence vote prior to its showdown with Cameroon this morning, the European nation has triumphed over its Central African foe.

Sports journalist Tony Smith and football writer Sam Worthington both backed Croatia to win. Maraotter and Smith are now neck and neck in the stakes.

Maraotter's confidence having taken a hit, he requested his WAG be on hand to provide moral support at the latest prediction.

In what was the couple's first official media appearance, an onlooker observed the two could barely keep their paws to themselves, playfully chasing each other around their sandy enclosure and sneaking the odd whiskery pash when they thought no-one was watching.   

Maraotter and his companion showed no hesitation in backing Uruguay to prevail over England in tomorrow's match, making a beeline for the South American flag to the chagrin of their English Wellington Zoo carnivore keeper.   

Worthington concurs with the Asian small-clawed otters, saying "Uruguay are a proud football nation and will put on a much better show after their awful 3-1 loss to Costa Rica. And England are missing star physio Gary Lewin (ankle)."

Smith, however, predicts an English 2-1 victory.


Maraotter 4

Smith 4

Worthington 3