Maraotter: It's getting to squeaky bum time

15:58, Jul 04 2014

''Hubris, thine taste is bitter,'' Diego Maraotter spat from the side of his mouth.

Our top Football World Cup pundit chewed on defeat for the first time in nearly 10 days earlier this week as Belgium knocked out a plucky USA side.

Tomorrow the quarter-finals beckon, with Maraotter leading football writers Tony Smith and Sam Worthington 9-8 and 9-7 respectively in our picks competition.

He might have picked 9 from 12 but Maraotter knows he got carried away.

''All that crap I spouted last time about love and my being love - that was madness. I was drunk on my run of victories. I have learnt my lesson. Winners do that; they learn and pivot.

''As Sir Alex Fergusson liked to say: 'This is squeaky bum time'. My bum is going to squeak the least. It's time for real otters to stand up and be counted. In this case I'm only counting to one - me.''

Hubris, your echo remains.

Maraotter, for the third time in the tournament, turned his nose up at Brazil.

Smith agreed, picking Colombia to win 2-1. Worthington added, confidently, that Colombia's  James Rodriguez would break the hosts' hearts.

Maraotter, you cocky devil, your lead is safe for now.