Losing really does suck, ask Diego Maraotter

"I never seen him like this. It hurts so much. He won't touch his fish."

Diego Maraotter wouldn't even come to the phone today after Colombia were knocked out of the football World Cup by Brazil.

He's still our lead football picks pundit, heading writers Tony Smith and Sam Worthington 9-8 and 9-7 respectively, but he's lost his Midas touch.

Maraotter's girlfriend, Sonja, said he would not be commenting further as he was meditating on what the losing streak his teams have been on really meant.

"He blames himself, but I've told him he's stll in the lead and you just can't trust humans to get anything right - look at his competition, they still can't make up the gap.

"Obviously, I've been giving him cuddles, we'd like our own football team one day, but even that has failed to rally him very much.

"I'm just worried he's lost his love for the game and competition."

Whatever is going on has clearly affected Maraotter's thinking as he's dumped the all-conquering Dutch, who have won several matches for him, in favour of Costa Rica tomorrow.

Smith and Worthington were quick to recognise Maraotter's weakness, both plumping for the Netherlands - by some margin.